Kollywood Car 8

kollywood car 8

It’s been sometime since the previous one. So here you go.

Usual Stuff – For starters, guess the movie and the sequence. There is a clue available in every(well, mostly) kollywood car quiz. This is important – If you are planning to guess the answer, don’t open the comments box and spoil the fun yourself. Once you have guessed go straight ahead and comment it without looking for answers. All Kollywood Cars.

24 responses to “Kollywood Car 8”

  1. I think its from some jothika film because i see jothika sitting beside the driver. which one ?


  2. Actually im happy u didnt !!
    Anand :

    What do u think ull be able to do by writing one ??

    u r not giving extra info to ppl … so all that ull be saying/expressing ur grief ..which is obvious from every indian !!

    If u do so ..ull be one among those morons who “condemn” the attacks and carry on with their jobs !!

    probably id be happy if he writes a post on Stupidity of Rajdeepsard. or Mush’s nakkals etc etc


  3. okay -something bad happens and you say, you are not going to change anything about it, so ignore it.
    With the same analogy, isn’t there a difference between people who ignore “eve teasing” and who condemn it?
    Both are not going to change the act at present, but the latter is planting the idea that it is wrong to do it in many minds which are gonna spread it and when it reaches the brave soul, that person is
    Going to try stop the act, when he sees it on person.

    Its not like Guru(with all respect) is giving information at his blog all the time, now he cannot give extra information, so he shouldn’t blog about it.
    I strong believe Guru has huge following so it wont hurt to acknowledge some problems we are having in our country for ever.
    But what you are doing is stirring up some emotions, that people should demand more accountability.
    You are telling everyone we are not going to put up with this nonsense for ever. These small thoughts could be just seeds in people’s minds and is definitely worth than completely ignoring about it.
    I, honestly don’t know if Guru would have had the same silence if the blasts were at Chennai?
    Life goes on as usual because people have no other choice. What else can you do other than being a “moron” to condemn and carry on your life? Take arms and go to kashmir or wherever they are?


  4. i didnt know anybody could just walk-in and order bloggers to write something on their blog. nobody is taking requests here.

    if its important to you – you blog about it. i cant say “lazy! my dog died. please blog about it because its important for me”

    as someone said before. everybody is sad. what more value can a blogger add when main stream media is talking about it? its not as if lazy has more readers than rediff or other newspapers.

    i am pretty sure not many non-chennaites would not blog about it if something happens in chennai. thats india. face that reality.

    /* You are telling everyone we are not going to put up with this nonsense for ever */

    how many terrorists are ready this blog. and by saying what will they understand that we wont put up with this nonsense? where is the logic in this. if you feel the need to ventilate sit on a compund wall and discuss this with your neighbor’s kid for 2 hours, sleep and get back coding for uncle sam tomorrow.


  5. I guess in India nothing is a ‘big deal’. Tsunami hit chennai shores on a sunday morning. Sun music was taking live requests for songs all through the day as usual with those plastic smiles and dubious conversations. There is a general apathy towards national disasters, terrorist acts if the bomb does not hit my ground floor apartment or the indian ocean does not flood Anna nagar.

    Some 2500 people died in 9/11 and they took revenge by killing at least 20-30 times more in Afghanistan and Iraq. 200 innocent people die in suburban train in Mumbai, we don’t even hit one terrorist camp along the border. That’s what we are.

    BTW, its lazygeek.net..lazy geek decides what to express and what not..that’s the idea behind blogging..nobody tells u what u r expected to write.


  6. Anand,

    Stop making comments which make you look stupid and start doing something which will make India a better place to live. Why waste your energies proving a futile point? If you are really concerned about the country go and do your bit to make it better. Let your actions speak and stop preaching.I hope, moving forward,i do not see you making any more comments like this. I am sure you are intelligent enough to make a better comment.



  7. I dont regret the comment I made. The reason being I felt so close to this blog. All those days when Guru was gone, I missed this blog and was sincerely hoping he would return at the earliest. I feel this is our blog. Guru should be a proud man for what he has achieved. the whole concept of blogging and interfacing between readers is getting ideas back and forth. If everyone is going to agree on whatever someone writes on a blog-would that be productive, the comments can very well be disabled?
    It is kinda like the interaction between a film creator and a critic. We all do it, even Guru has done it. We all say he better not make movie in this category? make in this category etc etc. Does that mean we are ordering him?

    I still believe that Guru should have made a note about it. I may be wrong in your views as your points are wrong in my views. But people why do you have to call someone elses views “silly”, stupid and morons? Some gentleman has said my comments make me look stupid? He is a hopeful man, that he does not want to see me posting comments like this as blah blah blah. I consider it no different than the uneducated political workers who shout/throw stones on people for expressing their opinions.[except for using pompous self righteous words]

    I stand by my point. Nothing more to add.

    With no grudges.


  8. Anand,

    Just like you expected Guru to write on something, I also expected that you not write something which makes you looks stupid. If you consider that expecting something from somebody is wrong, then you should not have the statement to start with –(guru I am stunned you did not write a single note on the mumbai blasts. Disappointed man…)–

    When somebody constructively criticizes you, be glad that they are people on this planet who are trying to make you a better person. When you comment have the openness to take constructive criticism.

    If you really didnt have any grudge then you wouldnt write something like this — I consider it no different than the uneducated political workers who shout/throw stones on people for expressing their opinions.[except for using pompous self righteous words]–

    Look at your language versus mine. I hope God gives you energy and the willingness to do something for our dear country, India.



  9. Yo !! Yo !! Thanks everyone here.

    First off, I was too busy to come near the blog. The only time I was out there, I wrote the comment in this post, Yes, Yes and Yes. Not that I don’t want to write about mumbai here but I couldn’t even bother to reach here. This is for Anand.

    No one could force someone to write or talk about something. I think its one’s own freedom and right of expression. Well there are bloggers who write minute by minute update on what had happened. There are some who sensationalise it. And if you read such popular blogs, they dont have an opinion. They are just like the main stream media, reporting on what’s happening. Even if they had opinios, they are hypocritical ones.

    So it’s better to stay out of such blogposts than writing one. Well, if it was Chennai maybe I would have found time to scribble something. I’m thinking of what Kamal’s friend tells him in Heyram. “Unakku Puriyudha…Unakku Puridha”. We are in such insensitive state of mind.

    But then…thinking about it, nothing would happen if someone writes something on their blog. It’s the action that talks. Even actions… I think we are all confused. Atleast I am. Ofcourse when something as big as this happens, one could think how tiny an individual is in front of an entire country.