Readers Digest got it all wrong !!

Today, Mumbai is back to business. People suffered a lot on Tuesday evening, but only after 12 to 15 hours they are back to their duties/business without any fear, travelling in the same crowded trains. This is the spirit of Mumbai. Terrorists can explode bombs in trains or even at strategic locations, but they cannot break the Mumbai spirit.

This spirit is sufficient to frustrate the evil design of terror-mongers. They can draw satisfaction from material damage but they are unable to break the moral, courage and spirit of Mumbaikars.

Despite the jamming of all telecommunication and transportation hurdles on Tuesday evening, Mumbaikars rose to the occasion. They helped each other; passed well-being messages through incoming STD calls; provided food, water and shelter to stranded fellow Mumbaikars; donated blood; helped the administration in traffic control and at blast sites.


Seems like RD got it all wrong. I’ve never been up at Mumbai. I don’t know what it feels be a mumbaiite. But when all the media is going ga-ga over it’s spirit, I couldn’t stop getting amazed. I want to stay at Mumbai for atleast twenty hours.

13 responses to “Readers Digest got it all wrong !!”

  1. lazy – what are you – a 55+ grocery checkout line impulse buyer? who reads reader’s digest these days? they are so – 1960s (in the us, atleast).


  2. lazy,
    dont join the band and go ga-ga over the “amazing mumbaites”.Leave that to NDTV,CNN-IBN or Times Now!!!
    (A point here-i was born in Matunga – yes,one of the 7 places which was bombed–so i am no “mimbai-basher”.Though i am now settled in chennai)

    No.1 – ppl. in india show “unity”,”brotherhood” and all “noble virtues” only during times of crisis.When things are fine,we get back to our self.Now that Mumbai has come to normal–do you see people distributing food/water today–even though 1000s of them are out in mumbai deprieved of the same.

    No.2 – it is the duty of every man(ATLEAST IN TIMES OF CRISIS) to help each other.It is expected of everybody-you cant just walk past a man lying in pool of blood.otherwise,what world are we living in?!

    if all the praises that are showered by media on mumbai were true,why,in the first place,did the bombings happen?

    sit back and think…….


  3. Dunno about rude but one thing is for shure. Yo guyz apathy is pathetic.

    y’all can’t even get the civic administration to fix the storm water drains. Every monsoon season it’s the same story and the monsoons are far more predictable than terrorist attacks.

    If Mumbaikars are hoping there would be no more terrorism they are soundly mistaken. Like a battered wife who’d rather commit suicide than stand up for her rights, they are the perfect victim.


  4. Some to think of it again, if there were no more terrorist attacks on Mumbai, when/how would anyone really demonstrate the “spirit” of Mumbai?


  5. There is comparison. Mumbai was rated one of the rudest cities (given their instruments of measuring “politness” and “rudness”) and I think no Indian city would fair any better.

    The whole “Mumbai spirit” is utter non-sense, people help those affected by bombs even in Columbia; It’s basic human sense, what did you expect? What’s with “Mumbai is back on track” raves anyway? It’s a city in which more than 5 million people live in slums. They have two choices, get out and risk being bombed or stay home and die of hunger eventually. I think the people of Mumbai did the former. This was so well put by Rahul Bose’s report in CNN-IBN – “So I really think it’s more of a need as opposed to a slightly more romanticised notion of pride.” So much for indifference!


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