It’s a mystery to me

It’s a mystery to me
The game commences
For the usual fee
Plus expenses
Confidential information
It’s in a diary
This is my investigation
It’s not a public inquiry

I go checking out the report
Digging up the dirt
You get to meet all sorts
In this line of work
Treachery and treason
There’s always an excuse for it
And when I find the reason
I still can’t get used to it

And what have you got at the end of the day ?
What have you got to take away ?
A bottle of whisky and a new set of lies
blinds on the window and a pain behind the eyes

Scarred for life
No compensation
Private investigations

Mark Knopfler, is genius thy middle name ?

3 thoughts on “It’s a mystery to me

  1. Lazy,

    Life is such (especially for a person who has a heart)!!. Highly appreciate your taste. I am sure you are in one of those moods where you want to sit down with a good friend of yours with a peg of whiskey and have a philosophical conversation.

    Nameless (Whats in a name?)


  2. This is one of my personal favorites though many want to disagree with my choice. Atleast now I feel vindicated! 🙂

    The “rough at times and smooth at other” voice of Mark Knofler lends this song its enigmatic touch!


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