P C Sreeram TALKS !!

P C Sreeram Vikatan
[Source – Vikatan]

Usualy a quiet guy, PC Sreeram, in this small interview to Vikatan, actually talks.

And to my joy(!!), he also reflects his worries on the information overload thats prevalent in the contemporary society. Boy, I’m just about too convinced that information overload should be curbed. Starting from this blog.

7 responses to “P C Sreeram TALKS !!”

  1. Swaminathan Avatar

    No point in curbing this site!

    You can do it! How can you stop others in this,
    You cant change anything outside, you have to change yourself.

    Everyone should develop a habit limiting his own insterests for all the unwanted and unimportant stuffs and try to take in only what is most beneficial to him and the society.


  2. Keerthivasan Avatar

    You know where all this Information Overload will end in ? ironically, in Ignorance.

    BTW, Did you read Thankarbachchan ? Why dont you respond, to him ?


  3. silicon sillu Avatar
    silicon sillu

    very true info by pc sreeram, i cant hear FM radio more than 10 minits due to the same reason. better listen to western classical, where there is no human voice at all but lot of peace, intelligence ect. even our carnatic mostly has religous thoughts, so you are still not freed, someone is feeding those to ur mind! howmany non hindus like carnatic ??

    somewhere read that, western classical is one of the most complex, deep, logic, kind of music thus it provokes untouched parts of your brain, either you get some great idea and become a genius of its kind, or u get deep mental peace, or both!


  4. Sri Avatar

    Guru – aside from information overload.. whatever happened to your movie reviews?


  5. Suresh Avatar

    Saw an interview with the PC on CNN-IBN last week. It was good.


  6. vikram Avatar

    am reminded of a dialogue in the movie “Thambhi” where Madhavan says….
    “Enna panradhu–inga ‘silence’nu sathamma sonna than jananga keppanga!”
    Information overload is but unavoidable.
    People(including me) are used to it and media has to feed the people.

    Even PC has done a bit of it – remember in “Agni Natchatiram” – the way he used the lighting(infact overdose) on more than one occasion-to highlight the hostility between the step brothers-was it not “information overload”,technically?It was a great success for the simple reason that people liked it.

    How many of us(honestly) would watch NDTV or other news channel,say after a disaster,if Bharka Dutt were not to ,flaunting her mike and sobber expression,talk to a childhood friend of the victim and asking questions like-“You have studied with Mr/Ms X in LKG.Tell me how she used to be in the class?!”


  7. Kingsley Avatar

    அதே தேடலும் ஏக்கமும் இணையத்துலையும் இல்லாமையா போச்சு? நீ பிளாக்கை நிறுத்திட்டா உன்னை தேடமாட்டோமா என்ன?


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