Arun Vaidyanathan’s The Seance

Arun's The Seance

How would write a two-minute review for a short film that only runs for six minutes and two seconds, to be exact ? You could. If the movie is well made. Not just because the maker is your friend. This isn’t written because I know Arun for sometime now. Arun‘s The Seance is truly a good shortfilm. Like many other shortfilms, at the first viweing, there is a chance that you might not understand the story behind this movie. Any shortstory or shortfilm should considered as a slice of life. So there can’t be a three act structure for a shorty. Even with a single act, you could bring in the formulaic movie structure. Arun does it convincingly well.

The Seance could be classified as a horror shorty. It has superb production values and it doesn’t look or feel like an amateur film. Not even for a moment. The lighting and cinematography are just about immaculate. There is enough darkness as much as the available light. The music goes with the mood of the movie and is very scary at ‘that’ single moment. The actors are spot on. BTW, there are only two actors[Tom Cappadona and Rick Pisarro] in the whole movie. Bearing few shots where one would feel that the editor could have sliced just an extra frame, the editing puts up a neat show.

The execution of the script is the highlight. Honestly, superb direction. This is probably the best of Arun till date and it will go a long way in showcasing his talent. Having a great product on-hand, it’s now with Arun and his team to take this movie to film festivals and see how it fares. For that’s the only way for an independent movie can get noticed. The Seance is already getting rave reviews in Kevin Spacey’s Triggerstreet. I think you could watch the movie online if you register there. I got a high quality version sent from Arun but that shouldn’t matter. Do mail Arun[arun[dot]filmmaker[at]] on your views. He is all ears now.

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  1. Insidemind Avatar

    I tried to watch that mov. but the registration process is too cumbersome @ trigger street.

    Is there a better place to see that mov? Shd have been on Youtube !


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