Chithira Chirukki, Suthura Porukki !!


Has anyone turned a listening ear to Yuvan’s remix of Kalyanaraman’s Ahaa Vandurichu for Vallavan. While its a so-so remix it’s spiced up with 50 Cent’s In Da Club and folky dandanakka that reminds of Rahman’s Errani Kurrani Gopala. Above that what makes this remix interesting is the original song. Reminds us of how we much we miss Illayaraja. Instead of Malayasia Vasudevan who performed the original, this remix version is sung by Simbhu himself. I should say I’m impressed more than what I expected.

Loose Pennae…Loose Pennae is also well sung and orchestrated. This one reminds me of KK’s rendering of Kaathal Valarthen in Manmadhan. There is an original and remix version for this number. The original version is slow and is probably the best of all the numbers in the movie. This one is also rendered by Simbhu. Again, a good number with some naive lyrics. It’s actually those naive lyrics that adds color to this song. Blazee is becoming stereotypical. But atleast in this his number, his rap actually gels with the song.

You gotta listen to both the numbers to believe what I just said. Here you go.

10 responses to “Chithira Chirukki, Suthura Porukki !!”

  1. Twisted DNA Avatar

    “Loose Penney…Loose Penney”

    I read it as “Lose Penny, lose penny” and was wondering what a song about losing pennies doing in a Tamil movie. LOL.


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Thanks TDNA. I changed it to pennae.


  3. capriciously_me Avatar

    simbhu’s got a good voice…he also sang kadhal panna thimiru iruka from his older movie…romba nalla paadi irukaan….SOOOOO much better than dhoddabetta roatu mela muttai barota 😀


  4. Satish Avatar

    Hmmm,,And I thought the original was sung by KH himself..


  5. Rajesh Prakasam Avatar

    Yeah….yu got it right…even I liked the naiveness in the lyrics…”Vaali pola paatu ezhutha yennaku theriyalaye” was a good spark…:-)….both the versions are good, plus our Vijaya T Rajendar’s “Yammadi Aathadi”, with mirchi suchi…is sure a good kuthu song….i like that one as well…the theme music and the associated song is good as well….overall the album maynot be as sizzling as manmadhan…but sure has sparks all around…I liked it I should say!!!


  6. Silanthimanithan Avatar

    Chithira Chirukki – 9Tara
    Suthura Porukki – Chimp

    Kool – the pic sayz it all…


  7. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Aaaha, Silanthimanithan.. Naan andha perspectivela yosikkave illay !! LOL


  8. srini Avatar

    Well, “Ahaa Vandurichu” was one of the rare songs that Ilayaraja had infact copied !!

    See item 11 here:
    and listen to the orignal!!


  9. Ravi Avatar

    I like Hip Hip Hurray. I haven’t really heard the sound of a marching band drumline in Indian music much. Sudamani from Arul (Harris Jayaraj) had that, but Yuvan’s song is much better.


  10. vyshali Avatar

    Simbhu is a very talented person and i was really amazed when i came to know that simbhu has wrote and sung LOOSE PENNE.The theme music was fantastic.Hats of to Yuan shankar raja sir.Ilike each and every song from this flim vallavan.


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