Masalaman Returns !!

Superman Returns

Watched Superman Returns in the IMAX with selected scenes on 3D. It’s an 85 foot screen with some fabulous sound system. And its probably the biggest screen a cinephile gets to watch in his lifetime. Still…Read ahead.

Kevin Spacey did disappoint. Why did he ever accepted to do the movie in first place ? That tells you I didn’t expect too much out Brandon Routh, in the first place. He has the perfect nose of a superman and he fits into the role. Atleast physically. More than helping the plotpoint of the movie, he serves as Mr.Droolover for the chicks. You could hears Wows and Aahs in the theatre.

Didn’t impress me much like Spidey 2.

6 responses to “Masalaman Returns !!”

  1. Anand Avatar

    Ditto Guru! What say, shall I write a proper film review after a long time?


  2. nona Avatar

    spacey said yes because singer made his career w/ the usual suspects….


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Anand, Yes. you should write it out !!

    Nona, Still this is just too much thanksgiving.


  4. AjayR Avatar

    While in the movie my friend mentioned that Pirates.. is in theatre, alas! thought should have gone for that instead.


  5. Vishnu Avatar

    Pirates of the Carribean…i fell asleep. Superman returns was much better.


  6. Gp Avatar

    guess they are trying to create a good sequel for this…? later in 09?

    Hem…its was much more toned down, would have expected more action. And Spacey’s talents was unused…Seven and Usual Suspect was too good.