Time 100

Just recently I subscribed to Time, offline. I got my first subscription magazine and it was a special issue.The cover story was about the 100 Most Influencial People in the World. For each of them on the list, a related celebrity had written a passage on their ideas and lives.

While the list was very US centric, it had Nandan Nilekani listed in Builders & Titans section. Thomas Friedman, the author of The World is Flat, was the one who had written on the Infosys man. You might recollect, Friedman had nice things to say on Nandan even in the introduction of The World is Flat. I did expect Rahman to be featured in the list of artists but was disappointed not to find him there. Vikram Akula was the other Indian who made it to the list.

Ofcourse it had a lot of tech guys. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia topped the scientists and thinkers category. Who else other than Chris ‘The Long Tail‘ Anderson could write about him. Great profile that one was. The other guys on tech were, Caterina and Stewart – the founders of Flickr, Chris and Tom – the Myspace dudes, Omid Kordestani – Senior VP of Global Sales at Google and the Skype guys – Zenn and Friis were also included. James Gosling – the Java founder had nice things to say about the Skype guys. Bill and Melinda Gates were featured in the Leaders and revolutionaries category for Gates Foundation.

I’m sure you will atleast get to know ateast 20 people, unknown to many of us, otherwise. A nice read on the bus.

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  1. bharat Avatar

    Did you read the Joel 100 too? That was hilarious!


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