Its only now, amidst the heat of elections that I miss watching NDTV and Prannoy Roy‘s analysis talks. Just after when NDTV was started as a channel, there were all-india elections and one could see how NDTV as a channel changed the face of television media for news and analysis. What was only an election day affair at Doordarshan becamse an everyday thingy at NDTV. At NDTV channel, Prannoy was able to pull in a great team together, probably the best in their own areas like statisticians and political analysts.

Today they say IBN Live is rocking the nation with its deadly reporting team and great leadership. Being biased towards NDTV, I am happy for Rajdeep[has a blog] who grew at NDTV and was able to pull together a good team at IBN, with the financial content backing coming from CNN. Now when NDTV sells its videos for a cost, IBN gives it away for free at its site, atleast for now. And thats good for a consumer. But I wish to see Rajdeep questioning Cho Ramaswamy. Last time, Prannoy tried to buckle him down with aggressive cross-questioning and I have to say Prannoy would regret that incident for a long time to come.

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  1. Kaps Avatar

    Sorry for nitpicking. CNN doesn’t have any equity stake in CNN-IBN. The promoters are entirely Indian (TV 18 & Rajdeep Sardesai). The relationship with CNN is on content-sharing. Apparently, IBN will be paying a royalty to CNN for use of the CNN brand.

    BTW, NDTV is available thru cable in US and UK


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hmmm..I’m wrong with that. Thanks.

    Also even when I was brooding over the Directv offer, I didn’t bump against NDTV being the line-up. That’s a good thing to know.


  3. rajagopal Avatar

    Rajdeep Sardesai did interview Cho, kind of. Cho was one of the icons of Chennai that Rajdeep talked with in a townhall meeting. Among others were the commie N.Ram, Kanimozhi and Ram Babu (MD Sundaram Fasteners). Rajdeep would ask Cho something and wthin a couple of seconds start asking something else. Cho got a little annoyed, but managed to keep it together.


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