8 thoughts on “‘Arisi’yal ? ‘Arasi’yal ?

  1. Hi, Sujatha fan, who are you, where are you? Let me know if you have information about tamil fiction called Lakshya padai

  2. arasiyal…arisiyal…
    remember this play on words from the movie “Ivan.” have even told parthiban that i lovvvvvvved the line where he tells a politician who asks him, “unakku arasiyal paththi ena theriyum” pat came the reply, “enakku arasiyal pathi theriyaadhu…aana, arisiyal pathi theriyum…puzhuthu pora ration arisi laendhu kozhuthu pora basmati arisi varaikkum theriyum.” (not verbatim, just from memory sollaren)

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