The sun has just come

The sun has just come out for the spring. Gas prices per gallon has just touched $3 in Seattle. If you are planning for a roadtrip, subscribe to the cable, stock tortillas to munch and stay home. Its going to be a pricey summer.

And then there is this site called Gas Buddy to locate cheap gas stations across the nation. Gas-Buddy seems almost like an oxymoron, at this moment.

2 responses to “The sun has just come”

  1. Venkat Avatar

    Hi Guru
    Long time!
    Anyways, I think even Lazygeek is an oxymoron!
    Quite a name you’ve got!
    Cheers, and have a nice day 🙂


  2. Krishna Avatar

    Its $3.15 down here in the bay area. Luckily my gas bills are reimbursed 🙂


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