19 thoughts on “Seattle Tulip Show

  1. Looks beautiful. Wonder if you have visited another famous tulip festival in Holland, MI? since you were in Wisconsin, if I am correct.

  2. I am saying nothing, we all know who it reminds us of. But I don’t wanna get myself in any trouble, so me out of here now 🙂

  3. Breathtaking! Tulips are one of the prettiest flowers I’ve ever come across. Very Beautiful. Thanks for the pics.

  4. Chen: Neengalum indha settu la sendhutteengala? :p

    Me/Witchy: Idhellam pozhappa? Only one person is missing in this goshti!

  5. Thalaiva: Sorry for spamming your comments! Actually the second pic reminds me of the “Kumari” sequence in Anniyan, with Sodha being serenaded by Vikram and set. And the last picture is BRILLIANT!

  6. Lazy: Ivanga edhavadhu poo irukkara padatha paatha podhum, udane en pera izhuthudaraanga! But the fact is the second picture is nowhere close to what they are talking about. In fact I have a picture taken on that same day, this time with me behind the camera which looks almost like this. It’s got people in the background, so I can’t post it!

  7. anti….vandhutten….:)

    edhaavadhu poo irukara padam ledhu…only PINK TULIPS :):)

  8. Oru Poo Ezhudhum Kavithai
    Siru Thaen Thulliyaai Urulum!

    — a lovely song from “Pooveli”

  9. Lazy

    I opened your comment box to say

    Tulips inge
    anti enge?

    I see so many hv beaten me to it.

    No anti. You dont know me. Just another blog hopper but a very diligent one.

  10. Sandhula Sindhu.. how many ppl like this.. cycle gap la titanic! too much.. Niruthanum.. Ellathayum niruthanum!

  11. Day and night, dusk and dawn, winter and spring come repeatedly; Time sports, life is fleeting; yet one does not leave the winds of desire – Bhaja Govindam by Sri Adi Sankarar.
    Enjoy the beauty of Seasons but dont forget the power of the Generator, Originator and Destroyer (GOD). One side is the beauty of the Spring and another side its Storm. Thats MAYA

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