Kollywood Car 2

kollywood car guess 2

This is a similar kollywood car quiz just like the previous one. No changes are made to the image. It’s just how the image appears on-screen and that is a clue.

Guess the movie and the sequence.


15 responses to “Kollywood Car 2”

  1. Yema kaathaga pasanga.. guru..yepdi pottalum kandu pidichiduraanga.. innum konjam kastamaanathaa try pannungalaen..


  2. correct correct correct. someone told extra detail and got it wrong 🙂

    karthikeyan, its not the starting scene. it comes exactly in the middle of the song. this is where rajini starts to appear with the old man look. and this make-up holds good until the end. so this is an important scene. no probs, you are still right about the movie/song.

    bristol boy, sure. sathiyama uda porathilla !!


  3. This car appears a few seconds before the second stanza…

    The car appears as an outline, then turns into a solid contessa I think.Thalaivar gets down from inside…

    “Indru kanda avamanam..vendru tharum vegumanam…”

    Keep them coming…


  4. lazy, sappayo sappa…kamal camp-la irundhaalum idhu padu easy…try try try again! u should select an image from some Rama Narayanan film…but adhuvum easy aaydum nu nenaikren…frame oramaa at the very least oru kosu vaavadhu irukkum…
    Naani Thaathaku Praaninge naa avlo paasam!


  5. mmm…suresh krissna seems to have a fad for this sketch-morphs-into-image thingy… didn’t indrudu chandrudu have something on these lines as well? there, it was a market instead of the car.


  6. krishna, I think u r referring to aboorva sahodharargall (singeetam) and the start of the “annaathe aaduraar” song.


  7. ram, krishna is right. “indhiran chandhiran” opens with a similar sequence (a painting of a market place coming to life). not dissimilar to “aboorva sahodarargal”. considering kamal’s creative involvement in his projects and the 1989 release date for both movies, maybe he “reused” a technique :-).