Can Bloggers make money ?

There was an interesting discussion[uid/pass] between Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc and Alan Meckler of Jupiter Media on today’s WSJ.

While Jason was quoting some amazing stats on how people can make money through blogging, Alan was shooting back with some nice theory. I tend to agree with Alan for the most part. Here is what he had to say –

Take MySpace — I read yesterday in the N.Y. Times that they have 50 million in the community. Every member can launch a blog with little or no difficulty. Blog growth is and will be huge. But again, while a very select few of the blogs will make significant money, most will never be worth anything because their information is worthless and therefore they will garner few monthly page views.

Blogs are fun for someone who wants a pulpit and does not care about making money. Blogs are really the “diaries” of yesteryear. Social historians of the future will have a field day mining blogs for nuggets of the mores of present day civilization. But in terms of making money from blogs, I doubt they will be anything more than an interesting subset of Internet ad revenue.

P.S. Interesting to note that my spell checker does not recognize “blog.”

Blogs are really diaries or microcosms of what is happening in millions of ways in daily life — ranging from special interests to business specialties to whatever. Obviously there is money to be made with blogs, but very, very few will bring in more than a few hundred dollars per year.

I’m shouting here, I agree. I agree.

8 responses to “Can Bloggers make money ?”

  1. randramble Avatar

    Check out They’re determined to help bloggers make money…


  2. typokumar Avatar

    Can “Blogger’s” make money?? i think you have to forego your love for the ‘ .


  3. lazygeek Avatar

    typo, thanks for that. that was a true typo.


  4. mutRupuLLi Avatar

    I am surprised that you agree when Alan claims Blogs are like diaries. Sometime back you wrote a post on “I” in blogs….
    Aren’t diaries supposed to contain a hell a lot of ‘I’s????


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Mutrupulli, I think I didn’t communicate that ‘I and the My’ matter properly.

    The point of I and the My wasn’t to write about personal happenings. then we will only have news blogs. diaries will contain a lot of ‘I’s. but they will not be bragging because a diary is mostly(note this) for one’s own self and not many of us brag about us to ourselves. hope I said in the right way, now.


  6. beachbong Avatar

    Not too much money can be made by individual blogs but sites such as are changing that. They already share all the ad revenue with the users at the site.


  7. Gp Avatar

    I agree..there is but no easy way to make money. All I can suggest is get a job and get paid. Thats it. (or u can become a politician…i c a big future for u LG…if im in India, ill vote for you…)


  8. make money on the internet Avatar

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