Bheema – Vikram – Nana – Lingusamy – Trisha

beema vikram trisha
[Source – Vikatan]

Lingusamy talks to Vikatan on his new venture Bheema, starring Vikram, Trisha. Add Nana Patekar for the spice. Vikatan’s article also has a nice picture of Vikram with a gun, sitting on a wall.

Glance the picture above, once more. A tough bike, a tougher guy and a sweet chick. Do you smell something ? Yeah, underworld. Lingusamy says Bheema is based on the Chennai underworld. With AM Ratnam as producer and a technical crew which includes Harris Jayaraj and Rd Rajasekar, Bheema would be a typical lingusamy entertainer.

BTW, do you also see what I see ? Vikram and Trisha as Kamal and Amala.

13 responses to “Bheema – Vikram – Nana – Lingusamy – Trisha”

  1. vikram has a sathya style haircut too!

    Wonder if Trisha will be called something similar to L.K.A. Malam 🙂


  2. Sathya style…yes!

    Amala…no — she was too cute and docile in that movie. Trisha looks sexier than usual.

    “LKA Malam” was in “Unnal Mudiyum Thambi”…


  3. Trisha looks good.

    Vikram looks old. But he has put on a ton of muscles…how he manages to shape-shift so well is beyond me.


  4. Again a violence film!!!! So much of killings and blood everywhere!!! They kill people as if they are cutting some vegetables. Too bad!! We should have more meaningful films.


  5. Killing is fine as long as they do it well (may be not as good as Kill Bill, but perhaps like Devar Magan):p.
    I can see the future, I can see myself watching this movie going “ada raama, enna en indha maari kari-sada padam ellam paaka veikra?”.
    Trisha has acted in 20 odd films already and I don’t know when she’ll really start acting.
    Madras underworld is yet to raise its standards beyond “naatu thuppaki” used in 19th century, but all these so called underworld movies have latest 7 and 9mms. Idhellam thirundhra maari therila.
    This movie will never come close to Sathya and Trisha can kiss Amala’s feet. This will be typical dappanguthu (if Yuvan is the music director), Hip-hop loops with irrelevant rap sequences.


  6. Otherwise…a typical Tamil masala potboiler targetted at the cinema-fed masses. That which will inevitably keep box-office cash registers ringing & producers deliriously ecstatic :}


  7. Indian – Anniyan
    Satya – Bheema..

    To Vikram,
    You are acting well.. but I think you are trying to sell by copying Kamal. There maybe some good screenplays in the market set for Kamal, but due to his age, maybe you are doing it. Question: Why you need to copy frame to frame? You can act like how you did in Kasi or Sethu. Try out your skills like this, maybe you might create a new dimension. When I saw Anniyan, entire dialogue delivery and facial expressions shows that you have watched Indian some 100 times (Only homework?!!)

    Do it differently dude!!.. cannot match Kamal.. or anyone.. each individual is unique in this world. I feel Surya has progressed a lot when compared to his first movie and I believe he is not copying anyone’s style. He has found his own strengths, building and relying more on that.

    Happy for him and for you too :-))

    PS: Don’t have Vikram’s personal id Let him read from this site and know the power of blogging