Refreshing Kumudam.com


Looking at the growth of Vikatan.com, ‘leading’ Tamil weekly Kumudam is also getting a new look. And look whom they hired to do that. Rabi Bernard. Rabi known for his talk show, Naerukku Naerr [the Mudhalvan style] during the yester years of Sun TV, is currently with Jaya TV as a talk show host.

In any case, the deal with Kumudam.com is that, the site will perform like an infotainment site going forward. Instead of being just an online version of Kumudam, the site is expected to have videos, interviews, new clips and so on. And Rabi will be responsible for the packaging the content.

I was always wondering why Kumudam, which was competing with Vikatan offline, never sought to build up it’s site to match Vikatan. Now they are planning to overtake Vikatan with this. Competition is fun, for the consumers. Enjoy.

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