The I and the My – Part 2

With just 100 days of blogging[via], Guy Kawasaki could grasp and convey the I and the My feeling so well. Much much better than what was written here.

In his blogpost that celebrates the completion of 100 blogging days, Kawasaki shares his experience –

2. The more a blogger uses the pronoun “I,” the less he has to say. Many bloggers apparently believe that people not only give a shiitake about everything they say, but that these people are hanging on to every word.

And more –

9 a. I don’t get this “exchanging links” thing. IMHO, you should link to a blog if you believe it’s good for your readership. The other blogger should link to back your blog if she believes it’s good for her readership. In a perfect world, linking is about quality, not reciprocation, with all due respect to Dr. Cialdini. 🙂

Are u still thinking, who’s Kawasaki ? Go figure.

4 responses to “The I and the My – Part 2”

  1. VivekA Avatar

    I read GuyKawasaki regularly because he does offer fascinating insights on most issues…and writes good english too..

    Wish I can say about most of the bloggers here…

    Prolific bloggers – who just don’t have the sense of bon mots – are the worst culprits…

    I wish you would come up with a list of people who write worst English..


  2. V Avatar

    nice posts.


  3. V Avatar


    Look at your own English, before you set out to comment on others’…


  4. VivekA Avatar

    uh, oh, so my english is bad…naturally, it does not give me any right to expect asome decent writing from others!!

    I expected better reasoning from guys who post blogs day in and day out.. on all topics under the sun?

    Actually, you’ve forgotten to employ the classic defense line, “If it is so bad why do you visit such blogs?”

    lemme supply the answer too: ‘I keep visiting blogs in the hope of unearthing good talent which I can use in my publishing industry..’

    But, nope, there is more quantity here than quality..

    Just don’t bother giving replies..won’t be visiting here anymore..