No Exit

Anand Alagappan’s short film No Exit is a well made short-film that just walks us through a phone call. It comically captures the credit card service and how one is put through the hardship. Just like how one suffers to cancel the internet service. Anand’s movie shot to fame when it was officially selected for 8 film festivals including the one where it was nominated alongwith Mani Ratnam’s Kannathil Muthamittal.

Though I was aware of this short film through the Hindu article, it’s only when Anand mailed me with the video link, I was able to watch it.

Anand is planning to his next short film this July. And he is on look-out for the cast. If you are interested or if you want to recommend someone, mail Anand at colorsmovie[at]gmail[dot]com. He is looking for the following cast in NY/NJ or Chicago area.

1. Indian Mom [Lates 40’s]
2. Indian Dad [Late 40’s]
3. Indian Aunt [Late 40’s]
4. 15 Indian people for a scene [any age range]
5. Assistant director / Production Assistants

21 responses to “No Exit”

  1. kiran Avatar


    I watched the short film, No Exit posted by you. I really dont think the film deserves the credit that people are giving. It just shows the pathetic stage the creative arts are in. These days anything that is just mediocre is a huge hit, cause everything else is junk. Just like the saying goes, “In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is the king”.


  2. randramble Avatar

    I should agree with Kiran. It’s just a well-made amateur movie. The technicalities are just okay, but I didn’t understand what message the movie wanted to convey…


  3. kiran Avatar

    Why is it being nominated to all the film festivals. I am a novice to the field of short and amateur movies. Are all of them crappy? Is it time for talented young guys to get into the field and make short films that reading, commenting on and writing blogs? I think most of us can make better movies than this.


  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Kiran, Looks easy doesnt it ?

    But do you really think so ?


  5. kiran Avatar


    I am not saying it is easy. Creativity is the hardest thing on the planet. I am just wondering what happened to all the naturally creative people who create magic on the screen. Am amazed that such a not-even-a-mediocre movie made into all the film festivals. No offense against the director and the crew, they have done their best, but the question is do you want to accept something like this and watch it?


  6. Prasanna Avatar

    One tries one’s best. What is of paramount importance is if one has done one’s work honestly thats all. As to this movie, I agree I am eager to know the rationale behind the selection. No offense by any means to the crew of the film. I am just being an honest audience thats all.


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    hey guys, let me jump in here. there seems to be quite a discussion.

    there is a seperate grammar for short films just like a shortstory and that’s different than films. short films can be a stream of thought or just a small incident. so you cannot(theoritically) have a short films that runs across 25 years in the story.

    no exit is a well made, well shot short film. i dont think one can claim it as the best made film. but it conveys what they intended to say.

    but all i’m trying to say is, not everyone tries to submit the short films to all these festivals. it takes effort, time and some money to do it. so whatever films reach them the festival organisers arrange a jury to elect the best. so being a good film and getting selected in the film festivals are two different things.

    marupakkam is a great film by sethu madhavan. sandya raagam is a great film by balu mahendra. how many of us have seen it. both these films have gotten enough awards to put them on the history of indian cinema. these movies made it to the festivals but not to the theatres. nor was it loved by the audience like chandramukhi.


  8. Anand Alagappan Avatar
    Anand Alagappan

    Hello Everyone, this is Anand Alagappan. I’m the writer, director and producer [I put my own money] of No Exit. well, nice to see comments about the movie. When it comes to arts and creativity 5 people will like it and 5 people don’t. If you expect everyone to like it then you are dreaming. I guess I wasn’t. NE-ways thanx for your comments.

    “The best way to predict future is to create it”.

    -Anand Alagappan


  9. kiran Avatar


    Good point mentioned – “being a good film and getting selected in the film festivals are two different things.” I agree with you totally. At the end of the day, the audience is the best judge not the selections or nominations or the awards.


    Nice effort and best of luck for your next film.


  10. Arun Avatar

    I thought the short was well done! It did have a nice Cinematography, good editing and well conceived concept. People living in US can very well relate to this movie. Btw, the initial shot and the colors were so rich and wonderful. The actress did a good job. I guess, Lack of BGM might be the reason why some people didnt like it here. I think a good back ground score would have elevated this movie to a great level. But that didnt take anything away for me atleast – may be, a point to consider in his next movie.

    The bed room shot could have been better. But this movie is well worth for appreciation and Festival Selections, No Doubt!

    Thanks Guru for the movie link. Considering the festivals I have seen and the movies I have come across in some festivals, ‘No Exit’ is really really well done. I also recommend Anand to add his name in the IMDB.

    Remember one thing while writing a review for Short Films. Most of the short films are done with very very minimal crew and very less budget with little help from movie passionate people and friends. Atleast each and every filmmaker start that way. I donno how many of you saw M night Shyamalan’s short films…they were not that great. But you can see a glimpse of talent there!

    Regards,Arun Vaidyanathan


  11. Prasad Avatar

    I liked the movie. It was funny and the actress did a good job. Overall the idea, camera work, lighting and editing work are all very good. I loved the opening car shot and I liked the way you used the jump cuts but I would have tried to minimized it and went for direct cuts.

    I don’t think this by any means be classified as amateurish short film. If you want to see one, here is one of my shorts which falls into that category!


  12. Balaji Avatar

    Hi Anand,

    Why u have given AD feeling to Short film, any particular reason?.


  13. Deepak Avatar

    I thought it was a well made movie. The only part I thought that could have been done better for sure was the *editing* in the part where the lady comes into the house and starts putting away her shopping.



  14. veda Avatar


    It reminds me of the troublesome days and the pain i had when i tried to contact a Hutch representative trying to add/remove a service or contacting ICICI bank. Im sure there are millions of people who feel this way.


  15. Sunil Avatar


    I thought it was a well-made short film. Good concept. I was kind of surprised by the rich colours and the brilliant close ups. Is it possible to find about more about the making of this film? I’m interested in the camera and lighting used. Also the editing (software, etc.). If possible, can you please drop in a mail regarding this to sunilvg[@]gmail[dot]com?

    Thanks for the post, Lazy…



  16. Anand Avatar

    Hi Balaji,
    Any movie less than 10 mins or so, kind of gets an AD film feeling by itself. Also, this was a personal experience I went thro’ with an airline customer service which made me come up with this short. Other than that there wasn’t any reason to give it an AD film look.



  17. Anand Avatar

    Hi Sunil,
    Thanx for your warm compliments. The cinematography was done by Alphonse Roy, who is a famous Wild life cinematographer, who has done work for National Geographic, BBC etc. He shot the very famous documentary “Tigers of India”. It is his hand work which made the film look very pretty. We shot during October in Chicago. The film was shot on Super 16mm. We had Kino Flo lights and the editing was done in India in AVID by an experienced editor. We were just a very small crew of 6 people including the actress.



  18. Alejandro Avatar

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  19. Old Lady Avatar

    do you really think so?
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  20. Sivamani Somasundaram Avatar
    Sivamani Somasundaram

    By any chance are you from Annamalai University? Your photograph looks very familiar.

    Since your background looks like you are a software professional, I was just curious as to which platform you are working in. So, you have changed your profession from software to filmmaking. My question might look too personal but just thought of asking it.




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