Load / Unload

If you are a blogger, chances of being affected by IOS is one hundred percent. Information Overload Syndrome. I intended to write this as a comical post but didn’t want to miss the message(thoda hero!!).

One of the prime reason, to apply brakes to this blog was that I found myself unable to sustain interest in reading a full news article. Inadvertently I was just skimming through the news sources. Astuteness was missing. Usually link bloggers who write several posts linking to various blogs/ news during a single day have written in the past about having time only to skim through news sources. Though this blog isn’t a link blog, over the last few years of blogging regularly, I found myself doing this skim stuff.

Bloglines is a necessary devil. The more blogs I subscribed via bloglines, the more time I spent trying to catch up with the un-read stuff. The big pile of unread posts, started to bother me. It’s just me. Some of them really have time to read all the blogs. With the assortment of interests that I have, I had to divide time between all of them.

I’m slowing down. Clearing things up. My online reading list has been trimmed to the most important news/blog sources that keep me abreast of happenings. Offline, I’ve cancelled all the 32 books on queue at the public library. I’m now set out to read the absolutely necessary stuff. And read it with the same interest as before. Currently, I only have April Reader’s Digest and a shortstory collection[Story-wallah]. The other things are deferred until I finish these.

Ofcourse this post is highly personal that I needn’t have posted it here. I could have saved some information overload on you. Since this addresses one lazy man’s struggle of keeping up with information overload, thought someone else might also say, Aamaam paa Aamaam. If you find yourself nodding to that statement, just get the hell out of here and read a rajeshkumar novel.

5 responses to “Load / Unload”

  1. narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    I truly understand your situation and your fondness of doing assorted list of things. I think sometimes, that I am one of the persons who are missing many information and always thing that I lack that piece which would cost me some where.

    When my colleagues during their free time read an article on web, anything of that sort and I am occupied with something, I tend to get feeling that I missing that info or it’s not important for me. There exists confusion for me.

    Being said Information Overload; I feel in this century it is inevitable. Every person from childhood is over loaded with information. Why a 1st standard boy require knowing on language or OS of computers. It’s an information overload and due to the cut throat competition & to be on par each one has to keep them updated.

    But being a personal post, I am not commenting on the said subject. I just wanted to share my feel on this subject and the situation which has pushed us to this IT sorry IO environment.

    Finally I wanted to say is // Aamaam paa Aamaam // 🙂


  2. sivakumar Avatar

    Hi Guru,

    me to Aamaam Aamaam Aamaam paa Aamaam. But Narsi, don’t shake your head like Boom Boom Madu, go and write some good writeups in your Blog atleast once in a week. This overload concept ellam for the guys like Geek. Ok va.


  3. Karthik Avatar

    Very very true. There is an information explosion that can bring down the levels of imagination that we have. We need to give more time to process information. Without that little progress can be made.


  4. thodarumm Avatar

    Me too…
    And I have also cancelled all my library book reservations because I am just paying fine on them when I check them out..
    IO definitely…getting hit from all sides…
    But do post review of Storywallah..looks good ..:)


  5. Ram Avatar

    looks like everyone is down with this malady… 🙂
    I have frozen all my library books/DVDs till i finish my old pileup…have been reading 4-5 books simultaneously, viewing DVDs at 1.4x speed to finishup the backlog, with fines piling up…and next month the windies series is coming up… *sigh*


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