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[Source – Vikatan]

Only time has to say if there is a histoical value for this picture.

Recently vikatan did a nice job of bringing Vijay and Vikram together, for an interview. Having studied in Loyola, both bragged and bragged about it. Would have been more fun if they only pulled in Vijay’s class collegemate at Loyola, Surya.

How I wish they did a Kamal – Rajini interview like this, some 20 years back. By now, that interview would have become a kodambakkam treasure. There must be one. Just that we don’t have our hands on it.

12 thoughts on “Vikram Vijay

  1. Guru,
    I think Surya is not his classmate, he belong to sama batch. Surya is BCom and Vijay is Vis com.
    How did u miss this info dude ?.


  2. Hi LG,

    The photo looks good and resembels the early hero pair. No doubt. But Vijay = thalai..hmm..accept panna mudiyalapa……


  3. Hi geek,

    thanks for sharing. who is the photographer? BTW, Pic showing vijay in saddle and vikram just only around…affirms the popular support


  4. Vikram and Surya are alumnis of Loyola for sure.

    Vijay went there for less than six months and dropped out for movies. As popular thought, he did not do his Vis.Comm, so I wonder how far one can call him an Alumni of Loyola.

    I must say that the college’s parking lot seems very famous. A few years back, Surya had done a special article about the college for Ananda Vikatan and even he mentioned that he spent more time in the parking lot then anywhere else.

    I have no doubt about Vikram’s friendliness, that’s a popular subject. He seems to be friendly with everyone except his own cousin actor Prashanth. But Vijay is someone who I personally find more calculative in everything. Be it the Ajith issue or his publicity attempts.


  5. Konjam Overaa illa ? Indha padathukku poi sepia tone kuduthu build up panrathu ? 😉

    I don’t think these guys are in that league yet.


  6. BTW,

    Guru, I think Pommai(now out of business) magazine had a similar interview b/w Kamal and Rajni.


  7. Rajini cant be MGR. Kamal cant be Sivaji.
    Vijay cant be Rajini and Vikram cant be Kamal.

    and I totally disagree that Vikram is a Good Actor.

    But one thing is for sure.. It was Vijay and Ajith.. then Vijay and Vikram.. Vijay and Surya..

    No matter what has happened in the background.. Vijay has survived, despite stuff.


  8. All these film chaps study in Loyola and they do Vis Comm..
    Being converted christian helps…


  9. I doubt religion plays any role in acceptance.

    Vijay actually, didn’t have the marks but father got him in as I believe one of the heads was a friend.

    Surya, b.com, from what I have read, did well in college.

    Vikram, is an english graduate. I don’t think anyone needs brains much to get into english(IMO). Even Vikram has mentioned that in interviews. Yes, Prashanth is his cousin, but I think relations are strained. Prasanth’s dad and Vikram’s mom are related. Anyhow, Vikram usually mentions that since his ‘Maama’ was an actor, he too started fostering dreams.

    I think, in Loyola, children of well to do, or with connections, get easy placement. But it’s wrong to say that religion plays a role in acceptance.


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