Silk Screen Film Festival 2006

silk screen

Srini Raghvan, one of the organisers of Silk Screen Festival informs about Asian American Film Festival (called Silk Screen) happening in Pittsburg, two weeks from now. He also adds, celebrating diversity and multi-cultural appreciation through film, the festival will be a week-long event that will showcase over 30 films, filmmakers and actors with origins in India, Japan, China etc. A variety of special events are being planned including a gala Opening Night reception, workshops and panel discussions with prominent Asian filmmakers, actors and producers.

Looking at the film listing, desi film buffs have something interesting to watch. If you are in and around Pittsburg, do take a spin.

Kollywood Car 4

car 4

50 – 50 chances here. Pretty easy sometimes but if you haven’t seen this carefully when you watched the movie this could be pretty tough. I know this kinda becomes like Google-Da Vinci code contest but play along and let’s see where it takes us.

For starters, guess the movie and the sequence. There is a clue available in every(well, mostly) kollywood car quiz. This is important – If you are planning to guess the answer, don’t open the comments box and spoil the fun yourself. Once you have guessed go straight ahead and comment it. After all some wrong answers are more fun than the correct ones.

Past Cars1, 2 & 3.

Was he posing ?

sujatha up close
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This is my most favorite photograph of Writer Sujatha. This picture originally appeared on one of his books, Puthiya Pakkangal published by Kumari Pathippagam. I actually re-shot this from the book using a digicam.

Puthiya Pakkangal was published in ’93. So this must have been clicked atleast 15-16 years back when Sujatha was still sporting a moustache and picking up grey hairs. Though he wasn’t exactly from the middle class even then, this picture somehow profiles a middle-aged, middle class Indian with sharp features. The striped shirt adding to the middle class working man’s look.

Simply curious to know if he was actually posing for the flick. Or it could be clicked while he was still thinking how to complete next week’s thodarkathai. Photographer isn’t credited in the book but he surely did a good job with this photograph. I wish this will be used as the official photograph.

Kollywood Car 3

car 3

This one should be pretty easy. Still let’s go with it. Guess the movie and the sequence.

Past Cars – 1 & 2.

Gautam on Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

Sudish has the uncut version of his interview with Gautam Menon. Gautam Menon talks abuot Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu, his next flick Silandhi and ofcourse the Kamal.

Something that he said in the interiview intrigues me. Gautam says that he has lost weight recently. Many others including Yuhi Sethu, Ramesh Arvind, KS Ravikumar, Kiran and so on have lost weight while working with Kamal Hassan. Yuhi actually said that it was because Kamal literally forced him to have some healthy food during the shoot of Panchathanthiram that brought down his weight down. Or is it because he is such a tough task master that people are losing weight nervously. I know i’m joking here but that was quite an observation. Agree ?