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Kollywood Car 4

car 4

50 – 50 chances here. Pretty easy sometimes but if you haven’t seen this carefully when you watched the movie this could be pretty tough. I know this kinda becomes like Google-Da Vinci code contest but play along and let’s see where it takes us.

For starters, guess the movie and the sequence. There is a clue available in every(well, mostly) kollywood car quiz. This is important – If you are planning to guess the answer, don’t open the comments box and spoil the fun yourself. Once you have guessed go straight ahead and comment it. After all some wrong answers are more fun than the correct ones.

Past Cars1, 2 & 3.

39 thoughts on “Kollywood Car 4

  1. Anniyan obviously.. the car no. will be shown again when ‘Ambi’ types out the only clue (info he knows) in Anniyan .com

  2. Not very sure Guru.. But night effect irukuratha paathaa.. Anniyan la zoom panra vandi thaan niyabagam varuthu.. But that is not a CAR …so not sure..

  3. Hi I got tat at first look.. Anniyan, but again another kollywood goof.The car was supposed to be a new one,but any no. in tat series(TN 09 X ****) is lot older…

  4. Aboorva sahodarargal .. vazhavaikkum kaadalukku jei..
    summangaatiyum oru tappu answer type pannivechen
    Aboorva sagodarargal time-la inda vandi illave illaye 😉

    Anniyanaadan irukanum.
    or is it kaadal?the sumo in which sandhya’s chitappa comes to take Bharat and sandhya to their gramam after their kannalam

  5. 1. car number way old …. but thats the catch in Anniyan we were commenting abt it in theatre !
    2. and its Qualis ! … so its anniyan !
    Kadhal or Aboorva sagothargal or gilli did not have qualis
    2 had sumo and 1 had Maruthi van !

  6. Srivats, Great show. That’s anniyan.

    All those who answered anniyan, thanks.

    Anti anna, you gave some life to this quiz with that wrong answer. thats the spirit.

    someon already said the sequence also. camera zooms into city and stops when it reaches the board. funny trivias here.

  7. Enakku ennamo Toyota Qualis paathaale, Pammal K Sambandham dhaan nyabagathukku varudhu 🙂

  8. Hi
    its very simple than previous ones. from the movie ANNIYAN, ANDHAKUBAM or AKUNBADHAM. better luck next time.

  9. Dont u have any other good things to blog, just giving a photo and ask to find the movie, do all indians in net are jobless, dont u all have any other good work to do, tell abt current politics in India, say Tamil Nadu, their problems, economy and development.

    I also like movies but only Kamal dont waste all ur blogs for movie quiz and other things

  10. LG,Put a rule….Those who have the cuts to leave their identity only has the right to oppose others perspective.

  11. Antha moodevi kku solli puriya vekka mudiyaathu .. perusa blogla economy ya pathi discuss pannita ..enna aaga porthu ! …. poi seyalla kaatanum !

    Pidikkalena visit panna vendam ! ..

  12. BTW : who says we dont discuss that ! …we all do it ! …and this is a part of it ! …

    poi aantha naathari ya archives paaka sollu …

    Intha comments la irukkara ellaroda blogs will conatin one post atleast relating to all those topics !

  13. sreekrishnan and lollu, your reactions to indian’s comment were hilarious!
    yeah, why spoil the fun if u dont wanna have fun? these are all mere breaks for relaxation…
    indian ungalukku gentleman reply thaan:
    Less Tensan More Work
    More Work Less Tensan!


  15. LG
    nee atutha car padam post pannumma !!!!!
    Every1 is waiting for the next car… : )

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