Was he posing ?

sujatha up close
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This is my most favorite photograph of Writer Sujatha. This picture originally appeared on one of his books, Puthiya Pakkangal published by Kumari Pathippagam. I actually re-shot this from the book using a digicam.

Puthiya Pakkangal was published in ’93. So this must have been clicked atleast 15-16 years back when Sujatha was still sporting a moustache and picking up grey hairs. Though he wasn’t exactly from the middle class even then, this picture somehow profiles a middle-aged, middle class Indian with sharp features. The striped shirt adding to the middle class working man’s look.

Simply curious to know if he was actually posing for the flick. Or it could be clicked while he was still thinking how to complete next week’s thodarkathai. Photographer isn’t credited in the book but he surely did a good job with this photograph. I wish this will be used as the official photograph.

10 responses to “Was he posing ?”

  1. I think if it had been shot in ’93 then it should only be 16 years before and not as you say…he he he….


  2. hi LG,

    hey , this is a nice photograph. i don’t exactly follow ‘sujatha’s’ dialogues , but yeah , the dialogues in Ayitha Ezhuthu was good , Karthikeyan.
    Anyway , LG what do you think of this ‘plagiarising’ by Kaavya Vishwanathan (sorry to change the topic!). What do you think of it?
    Do post on it!



  3. Hi Lazy

    U misunderstood my quote.

    Sujatha himself has told in one of his interviews that in his peak of his writing career there use to be a saying that “Magazines are ready to even publish his laundary Bills. I thought as ur a ardent fan of Sujatha, u will know this famous quote.