Gautam on Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

Sudish has the uncut version of his interview with Gautam Menon. Gautam Menon talks abuot Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu, his next flick Silandhi and ofcourse the Kamal.

Something that he said in the interiview intrigues me. Gautam says that he has lost weight recently. Many others including Yuhi Sethu, Ramesh Arvind, KS Ravikumar, Kiran and so on have lost weight while working with Kamal Hassan. Yuhi actually said that it was because Kamal literally forced him to have some healthy food during the shoot of Panchathanthiram that brought down his weight down. Or is it because he is such a tough task master that people are losing weight nervously. I know i’m joking here but that was quite an observation. Agree ?

9 responses to “Gautam on Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu”

  1. Gp Avatar

    He got such passion and honesty. If only he has a good source of funds…wonder what he would have done. I just cant understand the monetary principles on Tamil movie making…or is it that Shankar is the only lucky guy there.


  2. Srivat Avatar

    “ on have lost weight while working with Kamal Hassan.”

    Interesting observation.I do hope one day sivaji productions do a movie with Kamal.Guess what, the cameraman of that movie might not have to use a wide angle lens to capture a face for a single shot in a song :-).


  3. raj Avatar

    Actually kamal is little unlucky.
    i heard that he got fund from us for his Marudhanayagam project. But unfortunately due to the phokhran nuclear test, the fund was stopped.
    let us hope good times come soon for kamal


  4. Karthikeyan Avatar

    Hope I also need to work with Kamal to reduce my weight :-))


  5. rasu Avatar

    good observation. i agree.

    generally if u work with genious, everyday u get some information/ideas/tips and etc.. and that too he is working with kamal for more months.. so no doubt.. whatever kamal is doing, u tend to follow..


  6. shiva Avatar

    Interesting that kamal doesn’t seem to shed some of his pounds.He was grotesque in PKS & that remake of Munnabhai and doesn’t seem to be getting any thinner.


  7. Raja Avatar

    Next venture of Gautham is Silandi or a flick with Arya. I read it was a triller story with Arya.Any solid answer?


  8. kajan Avatar


    I agree with you. He certainly needs to lose some pounds. He has never been able to get rid of the alavanthan weight fully.


  9. Arun Avatar

    Kajan and Shiva,

    Flash News!!!!

    There’s a movie called Panchathanthiram or Anbesivam, please watch it before you let your mouth fly.

    This guy is a genius and fits in accordance with the role,his plump appearence in the mentioned movies was because the role demanded such an appearance.



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