they took some decision and students could start preparing for the engineering entrance exams.

The Common Entrance Test for professional courses in Tamil Nadu for the coming academic year would be held on May 13 and 14.

Thinking about it, entrances exams for engineering colleges are not necessary at all. There are more engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu than the sum total of rest of the world. Even after one completes a ‘professional’ degree this is what they say

Though the State boasts of a high literacy rate and an established higher education apparatus which can generate around 4,00,000 skilled manpower annually, around 40 per cent of graduates from the engineering pool and 70 per cent from the arts and science streams do not meet employability standards.

Badri has some thoughts in tamil.



A comment is a spontaneous response to a blogpost. In this given world of spambots and texas holdem spammers, the security around blogs have been tightened.

On an ideal blog, commenting has several steps than blogging itself. First you type the comment, the main thing and for that you’ve to rake your brains to come up with a comment that proves you know everything better than the blogger himself. Then you type in your blogger.com login/pwd and finally type in a word for the screwed-up word verification thingy. By this time your thought on the comment would have changed. After you do you all this, the comment box tells you that the comment will be moderated by the author.

Until the author wakes up in the morning and logs in, your comment is just waiting there, crying to be approved. Assume that the author approves your comment as it talks only good about him and his post. For all you might know, tomorrow the blogger might change his opinion on the post and would remove the post itself. Then, you start thinking philosophically about the need for a social commenting system called blogs. Thats what I’m doing now.

Mani Ratnam

Script ? No way !!

Mumbai Mirror has some news on Mani Ratnam’s next flick, Guru.

This is the first time that Mani Ratnam is finding it difficult to get a star for his next, Guru. He can’t find a hero opposite Vidya Balan in his film. Ratnam has signed Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai as the lead pair of his film, while Vidya Balan has been finalised as the second lead. But it seems that most of the Bollywood actors are giving this ace filmmaker grief as none of them seem to be interested in playing second lead to AB Jr.

While we go to press, we have been informed by our source that Mani Ratnam is disappointed with the attitude of Bollywood actors, and he wants to cast a fresh face opposite Vidya Balan. Mani sir will come to Mumbai to conduct screen tests and in all probability he might sign on a new face for the film, he informs.

I would love if Ratnam drops the entire plan and returns Chennai to shoot the movie in Tamil.


Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera !!

“NRIs love the re-immersion into Indian culture, the affordability of food, household help, the improved quality of life and spending time with the family.” It may not be a homecoming for NRIs at first. But, after a while they slide back into life in India and seem to harbour no regrets about the relocation.

“It’s more cost effective for a company to open offices in Chennai than say Bangalore. A lot of MNCs went to Bangalore at first and now the city has peaked. Chennai is a late starter but it scores higher today with better infrastructure, cheaper living, a strong talent pool and a better work ethic.”

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