Pick-up the key and unlock

Pick-up the key and unlock the hunter. He is all set to find his new buick. Good cop.

Via Keerthi.

5 responses to “Pick-up the key and unlock”

  1. Uncanny or Funny… whatever you label it… Moments ago before reading this post, I just received an email on our office internal broadcast about someone having lost their keys. And then when I read this post… you mention “Pick up the key” and for a moment, I felt a little displaced. 🙂 Obviously the two have no connection whatsoever, but the words eerily connect.

    VV is a movie to look out for. Will be watching out for it. The flash work at the site is pretty impressive, isnt it? The bullets flying as its progress bar. Each “tab” loading as if elevators close and open out. And Kamal looks as young as ever. 🙂


  2. i am hoping that they have made kamal play his age despite him romancing jothika.. the website does look good and songs have turned out to be ok.. so, just waiting for movie release..


  3. Nice website. The grammatical errors did make one wince – took a lot away from the otherwise professional feel of the site.