Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera !!

“NRIs love the re-immersion into Indian culture, the affordability of food, household help, the improved quality of life and spending time with the family.” It may not be a homecoming for NRIs at first. But, after a while they slide back into life in India and seem to harbour no regrets about the relocation.

“It’s more cost effective for a company to open offices in Chennai than say Bangalore. A lot of MNCs went to Bangalore at first and now the city has peaked. Chennai is a late starter but it scores higher today with better infrastructure, cheaper living, a strong talent pool and a better work ethic.”

Read the Metro Plus column, Back to belonging.

5 responses to “Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera !!”

  1. Hi LG,
    This comment is not related to your post. I went through your 2002 archives for the first time. Enjoyed thoroughly. Especially your views on the Indian print media and your initial desire to become an investigative journalist! As someone who must have gone thru 1500+ issues of India Today, The Week, Frontline, Sunday, Sportstar, Outlook from early 80s to early 2000s, I agreed with most of your picks. However a little disappointed not to find Anita Pratap in that list.

    A bit of Anita Pratap during my brief blogging stint is available here

    What I didnt mention in that piece is that Anita interviewed Prabhakaran during the India-SL 1987 accord disguised as a hotel staffmember, covered the Babri demolition from the next dome covered head to toe in a saffron robe, spent a few weeks illicitly covering Taliban’s takeover of 1996, nearly got a sentence on Thackeray during the Srikrishna investigation, sneaked her own film reels from Sri Lanka at the Colombo customs during the anti-tamil riots of 1983. If your hunger for professionalism in reporting hasnt diluted yet, you might want to check her out 🙂


  2. A very good one. Thanks for posting the link. Dad wanted me to read this but for some reason could not get to the link from Hindu. Idea of given your kids a choice in life, being closer to parents as they age and the inlaws factor…. very neatly written


  3. Excuse me Mr. LazyGeek, how can you say that the work ethics are better in Chennai than in Bangalore?

    I would agree with you on infrastructure and to a certain extent about cheaper living, but certainly not about talent pool and work ethic!

    I think you should consider the sentiments of your thousands of readers (as you yourself brag ) before writing such utter trash.
    Or do you think you have become so big,that you dont need to care for others sentiments any more?
    If so, then beware that you will soon come down with one loud big bang (that I hope is heard in the whole blogging community).


  4. NRIs have again proved that they are indeed NON-RELIABLES. When India needed them badly they went in search of greener pastures. And when Americans need them badly they want to come back to India. We don’t need such two timers. And they still haven’t given up their American citizenship so one can only wait for another turnaround. All these patriotism and love for country looks good in Yash Chopra and Karan Johar films. In reality its just that you live for yourself first amd then comes country. And all these leads to the SURVIVAL OF FITTEST. For more on this watch Puthupet.