Script ? No way !!

Mumbai Mirror has some news on Mani Ratnam’s next flick, Guru.

This is the first time that Mani Ratnam is finding it difficult to get a star for his next, Guru. He can’t find a hero opposite Vidya Balan in his film. Ratnam has signed Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai as the lead pair of his film, while Vidya Balan has been finalised as the second lead. But it seems that most of the Bollywood actors are giving this ace filmmaker grief as none of them seem to be interested in playing second lead to AB Jr.

While we go to press, we have been informed by our source that Mani Ratnam is disappointed with the attitude of Bollywood actors, and he wants to cast a fresh face opposite Vidya Balan. Mani sir will come to Mumbai to conduct screen tests and in all probability he might sign on a new face for the film, he informs.

I would love if Ratnam drops the entire plan and returns Chennai to shoot the movie in Tamil.

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  1. manju Avatar

    I too agree with you. MR should come back to Chennai and make a movie in Tamil. Coz, bollyhood is still not mature enough to understand and appreciate MRs movies.


  2. BNB Avatar

    “I would love if Ratnam drops the entire plan and returns Chennai to shoot the movie in Tamil.”

    Adhu !!

    Anyway, I am not too concerned now, after watching Pattiyal and watching Kollywood evolve over the last few years.


  3. Sri Avatar

    he is trying too much too prove after the failure of Yuva, he just has to shrug it off and move on and do an original in tamil. all his big hites were tamil originals.


  4. RaajK Avatar

    Thank god. There was no ‘Iruvar’ Sarath Kumar like incident !

    I fear that Mani Ratnam,sometimes, chooses and remains adamant on what ultimately turns out to be a wrong cast. A case in point – Isha in AE.

    Obiviously, AB is not yet an established actor in Bollywood. So naturally, who will come forth?

    Quite expected.


  5. Sriram Avatar


    Look at this one::::::::::::

    Mani starts shoot!

    By Moviebuzz | Tuesday, 28 March , 2006, 10:49

    Mani Ratnam has started the shoot of his new Hindi film Guru quietly with hardly any publicity at Chennai’s Binny Mill near Perambur. Scenes featuring Abhishek Bachchan are being canned and nobody is allowed inside the sets.
    It is nearly two years since Mani’s bilingual Yuva and Ayutha Ezhuthu released and we understand that for health reasons he is trying to keep the shoot in Chennai as much as possible.

    The others in the cast like Aishwarya Rai may join the shoot only in Mumbai location in April. A.R.Rahman has already delivered two songs for the film.


  6. prashanth Avatar

    yup..very true..kazhudhaikku theriyumaa karpooraa vasanaaa..donno why mani wants to goto bollywood while he has diehard followers here in kollywood.. we love u mani sir..hope he comes back and does the movie in tamil..


  7. Jacky Avatar

    If you want him to comeback to Kollywood he’d cast none other than Maddy. Am really sick of second string actors like Ajay Devagan, Jr.B getting to work with Mani. Probably He’s a miser when it comes to paying his stars. But it’d be great if he works with sensitive actors like Aamir Khan, Naserudin Shah, Nana Patekar, Boman irani.


  8. Maverick Avatar

    I heard about Vivek Oberoi being approached for the lead opposite Vidya Balan but he had to turn it down for obvious reasons. Probably, he just couldn’t stand the sight of AB Jr. & Ash being the lead pair.


  9. Jaiganesh Avatar

    If he returns to Kollywood, I am sure he will get the same response from Kollywood stars. Perhaps there is nothing fresh in Maniratnam Milagai store. Our guys found that out and now bollywood guys are also finding out that. Maniratnam tried his level best to cast Vikram in AE and got a nice “No Thank You” from him. Probly should have reconsidered the script then itself so as not to end up in a mess.


  10. Karthikeyan Avatar

    No way to shoot in tamil..Acc to sify, he had started the shooting


  11. Doodler Avatar

    “I would love if Ratnam drops the entire plan and returns Chennai to shoot the movie in Tamil.”

    Nothing like it..dont know y he wants to reach out to Hindi audiences when he has twice burnt his fingers there..and when there are millions of followers for him here.


  12. Zero Avatar

    {In all fairness, this should have been ignored. But, LG for what he is, will anyway reply to it. So..}

    /*Maniratnam tried his level best to cast Vikram in AE and got a nice “No Thank You” from him.*/
    I was very much amused reading this. Rumours, when they spread, sometimes get really interesting.

    — A no-MR-fanatic.


  13. vidya Avatar

    What’s mani obsession with the indi people ??. Namma oor aalunga will probably que up to get a part if her were to take it in tamizh … And Aishwarya – she can’t act to save her life .. .


  14. aNTi Avatar

    Hmmm.. whatever happened to Siddharth! Core MR camp!


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