Niruthanum…Ellathayum Niruthanum !!


Filled with tight close-ups and trolley shots, the 5 minute sequence where Deva – Surya meet Arvind Swamy, is probably one of the best edited scenes in kollywood. The broad view of Arvind Swamy’s office is never shown until the conflict happens. Until then the camera just captures the emotions on the faces. As the trolley moves and the camera comes behind someone it cuts surprisingly to another face. May seem to be an old technique now but then it was so new.

A true team effort from the cast, Mani Ratnam, Suresh Urs and Santhosh Sivan. Illayaraja seems to have provided ample support with a perfect silence during the close-ups. Classy.


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  1. lazy, ur post brought back vivid memories of this awesome movie…yeah, i remember this scene very well…Mammooty’s one-word reply was the perfect way to end this scene.
    The dining-table scene in “kannathil muthamittaal” was edited in a similar way. Lots of close ups, slickly edited…I think that was Sreekar Prasad who won the National Award for editing, if I am rite…


  2. I really really wish I could watch this film in tamil, because I just know I will get blown away. I have seen it in hindi, but the dubbing at times is very poor (as is nearly always the case when tamil films are dubbed in to hindi…Hindustani being the exception)

    I’m a member of the Mani Ratnam fan group and yahoo, and someone had written how Mani’s films always have some recurring elements, like cameras revolving around charaters etc, so its no suprise to see a similar scene in KM


  3. A very similar classic shot came in Iruvar when Mohanlal addresses the public in a meeting.. The camera moves around mohanlal in circles and you could see characters forming almost a semicircle around mohanlal.. There’s no trolley involved and everytime the camera comes behind mohanlal, the characters have to move out of position, leave way for the camera crew and when the camera is in front of him, they have to return to their original position.. This had to happen 3 or 4 times in that shot.. In a day and age where goof- ups are easily noticed by people, it was a very good shot with no equipment or men visible…


  4. Has this technique inspired “Rollvision” – the revolutionary equipment, supposedly, masterfully utilised in VV??


  5. Guru,
    This scene is a direct ‘homage’ to the meeting of the five families (part 1) and ‘the cuban cartel meeting’ (part 2) of ‘The Godfather’, including the tracking shot C-U on the various faces ; )


  6. //This scene is a direct ‘homage’ to the meeting of the five families (part 1)//

    Anand, I was actually thinking that the same meeting scene in Nayakan was the tribute to the scene from God Father. I know i may be wrong here but it was well shot.


  7. Hi

    I came across your bog recently; well I must admit I’ve missed your wonderful posts for such a long time. Great work and great posts.

    Dhalapathy is undoubtedly a very good movie – though a bit dragged – with wonderful technicians and Maestro IR. I just wish MR changes his trade mark ‘under-the-breath’ dialogues in his movies which sound very artificial. Other than this, he’s a great director of our times.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards

    PS:- I just read the other post with Kamal’s Photo “Avatharam No.1”. The comments to that (Kamal Vs Rajini) were the most hilarious stuff I’ve ever read in my entire life!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂