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A R Rahman is performing in the Eastern Michigan University on April 15th . Radha Krish mailed me that he had performed at Stanford, some weeks back.

Why is Rahman so inclined towards universities these days ? Charity ?? Good music lovers ?? I’m clueless.

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  1. Aditya Avatar

    Rahman did not perform at Stanford. He only attended a felicitation ceremony which included a performance by the students and a Q&A session with the students. Rahman is supporting a multi-ethnic student music group called Global Rhythms, who he has invited to perform on few concerts on his forthcoming North America tour. The performance at Univs of Ohio and Michigan is part of that.


  2. Sidharth Avatar

    Most of these performers perform at Universities because the organizers select university auditoriums because they are cheaper compared to bigger auditoriums.

    Whenever Rahman comes to the Detroit(this is the second time) and performs for the Detroit Indian Crowd,his concert is always at the EMU Auditorium.It has nothing to do with EMU.


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar


    I am not sure if you looked up the poster completely. it says the show is psonsored by Eastern Michigan Univ and Miami Univ so its clear that the univs have some roles to play here. Correct ??


  4. narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    Rahman EMU university ellam fine but ennga ungalodo vacation travelogue verum photos mattum thaana. I was expecting post in sevral parts on your latest trip. Disappoint panna mateengale??:-(


  5. Maverick Avatar

    Check your mail. I have sent your some Stanford snaps of ARR. Got the interview video clipping (7 MB) too. Let me know if you need it.


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    maverick, no doubt. sathiyaama venum in gmail.


  7. Mallesh M Avatar

    I know when Bollywood stars come to the US to perform they usually perform in a University Auditorium simply because of the fact it is cheap to hire those auditoriums and obviously lots of students will still be into bollywood and good looking stars. I think it has worked out well for them.
    Thought A R Rahman is bigger than that :). I went to his concert in NY in Nassau Colesium, it was packed. I think that is one of his first tours in the US. he sang lotta tamil songs than hindi and I think that made some hindi folks angry but I loved it :).


  8. aNTi Avatar

    Last time around it was the same audi in EMU and a group of Miami univ kids (almost all non-desi) had performed (i.e. sang) “chale chalo” and Rahman was impressed. And what Mallesh says is mostly true.
    Last time we drove 5 hours to Yspilanti! This time..hmm…no Nassau 😦
    And the NY Autoshow coincides too 😦


  9. Patrix Avatar

    Probably he is tryin to catch them young. Impress them now and they are hooked for life.


  10. Ashwin Avatar

    Rehman is a kind of a person who enjoys performing in different places unlike people who just perform in front of a star filled arena. If you look back he has performed in the Independence day functions, Andaman nicobar island, Tsunami relief in the villages, With President Abdul kalam , Cancer patients and the list is never ending. If he feels the gathering is for a good purpose then he will surely perform. It’s not so easy to have such a wide set of audience and a good heart to perform. This can be done only by our down to earth Rehman.

    Let him prove that stars should reach different set of people other than the regular formal musical and awards gathering.


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