Tamil Pop(ing), again

I was a huge fan of Suresh Peters. Right from his first album pop album Minnal to this third one, I was one of the very few million fans for Tamil Pop. Infact I still remember the folk rap in his second album. Though Malgudi Shuba’s Vaalparai Vattapaarai was trying to revive Tamil pop music, it was back to square one after that. SPB Charan and Devan did an album called Kamban Oru Kanniley and except for the title number others seemed like tamil film music. They were certainly good but not standing up as pop album attempt. Couple of albums from Shalini and Anuradha Sriram’s Madras Girl got famous at their time of release but never got to stand the test of time. Until today, Suresh Peters’ Minnal is probably the best effort in Tamil pop scene.

As the Tamil Pop industry started to churn out mediocre attempts, one after another, I thought they might rather stop making this nonsense called Tamil Pop itself. Before my thought was even committed, Tamil Pop ceased to exist. Over the years, few albums have released and none have been hits by themselves. Even Yuvan’s effort was little noticed(how many knew that Yuvan actually made 2 pop albums ?).

Now a bunch of guys, naming their band as Encore have come out with a Tamil pop album Thee. They sent across an email with a pointer to their music samples. Listening even to the first one, I’ve to say I’m thoroughly impressed. At first it seemed like an email to get some blog bandwidth but they sure rock. Their title number, Thee has some amazing strings and some superb rhythm programming(notice the aygiri nandhini tune jammed in-between). The music sounded very professional and nothing close to being an amateur troupe. I just glanced down to read the credits and saw Percussion – Sivamani, Bass – Keith Peters. Both, masters in their own areas. And the label of release was Saregama. The singers list had Devan, Malgudi Suba and Chinmayi. Seems like they got the big fishes in the industry for their album. Apart from their title track Thee, I also liked Dhinam Dhinam and Chinmayi’s Thaai Polavae(can’t sing at a lower pitch than this).

Though one has to listen the entire album before jumping to a conclusion, I loved majority of their samples and am looking forward to the rest. Encore formed by Bharat / Jagdhish / Karthik / Krishna and Katz are trying to revive Tamil Pop. I hope and wish their attempts gets noticed and reaches out to the masses.

As a note of suggestion, Tamil pop isn’t Tamil cinema and hence you don’t need variety. You don’t need to wait for a commercial hit to make an art film. You don’t need 5 songs, 3 fights and 2 foreign locations. The Tamil pop could be based on a theme or just concoction of various themes. Essentially, it needn’t be as Urvasi Urvasi followed by Ennavale Adi Ennavaley followed by Errani Kurrani Gopala followed by Kathalikkum Pennin and so on. Make songs that you want to listen and we will listen. I promise.

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  1. I have heard the complete album and i wrote a detailed review on it last week. Ofcourse, it is pretty much impressive album. Do hear “Mudhal Mazhayae” by Devan and Harish Raghavendra, it has got all beautiful melodies.


  2. As Sureshkumar pointed HR and Devan released their own recently. I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet. They were interviewed about it on SS Muscic by Miss Legs a couple of months back. Srinivas’ Usela Usela is also one I remember. BTW, Devan is the lead singer in one of the VV #s


  3. I believe one big reason for Tamil pop mot making it as big as hindi pop is the lack of support by media. how many times, Sun TV have played pop videos along with the film song videos. Partly because Pop is considered western and the TV channels cater to people from Adyar to Andipatti. Also, I have found pop videos are not made professionally like the film videos. Improvement in pop videos I believe will take pop videos to the next level.
    Do you know where I can buy this album in US?


  4. Chinmaye’s Vocal was impressing 🙂 I had the oppertunity to see her interview in ‘Sangamam’ recently… shez one person worth watching whether shez singing or talking. Full of talent and confidence. Fantastic.


  5. Talking about low pitch… it reminds me of Anuradha Sriram’s song in Pammal K. Sambantham. She does that too.


  6. Hi guru,

    my friend and colleague, Gautam, has launched a tamil music album called “oru murai parthathum” with songs done by Tipu and a few others. Gautam has done the music and has pumped in money for the project from his pocket. The CDs/Cassetes are available in Chennai and Coimbatore… do drop in to my blog for a detailed view…thx