The Inside Joke !!

kamal sujatha
[Image Courtesy – IndiaGlitz – SR Plus launch]

[tip – sort of inside joke, obvious only to sujatha readers. ofcourse you know its all imaginative]

Kamal – Oh !! Idhuthaan Andha mexico salavaikaari Joke’a. Itha Dasavathaaram’la Poturlaamaa.
Sujatha – Itha Vechukittuthaan Ivalo Naalaa Naaney Jalli-Adichittu Irukken, Neenga Vera !!

9 responses to “The Inside Joke !!”

  1. Narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    Hmm…understood the Inside joke:-) But I think once he cleared in his FAQ of tamil magazine that its a fake joke that has no end. Am I right?


  2. Zero Avatar

    I ve never read Sujatha. But, guess it should be some joke which his characters keep referring to; which reminds me of the dhraatchai pazham joke in Indian. Does that have a similar history too?


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Zero, As narasi said, he revealed the idea behind the joke a couple of years back. basically there is nothing as mexico salavaikaari joke.

    vasanth, a playboyish character keeps uttering about this salavaikaari joke but never tells what the joke is. infact, i’ve been waiting for decades to know about this joke. though half the way through i was determined that there is no end to this, i was positive that sujatha would make something at the end. but my hopes were in vain. and it was unique of him to sustain a suspense for such a lomg time during his writing career.

    and yeah i think the thraatchai pazham joke took birth from this one, given sujatha being the dialogue writer for indian.


  4. Cipher Avatar

    Me too..waited for a long time on what might be the joke…finally came to the conclusion that there’ll be nothing…


  5. Ananth Avatar

    Hi Guru!
    did u chk with sujatha’s take on VV song release kootam at desikans blog? interesting..
    btw liked ur translation for VV as h(a)unting in one of ur prev posts..good one!


  6. msp Avatar

    Google knows the number of ways I have tortured it find out what the joke was.

    Once my German Prof. cracked a joke that could fit neatly within the name of this joke. And it was R-rated enough to qualify as a Vasanth joke. But too vulgar for Sujatha to refer at all.

    So, everytime I met someone with a thing for Vasanth-style jokes I had the following conversation.

    Me: Hey do u know the one about the Mexican Laundress ?
    He: um…
    Me: neither do I hahahaha (and slip away before getting lynched)

    Didn’t know it was an inside joke, naive me 😦


  7. mani aj Avatar
    mani aj

    Well, this is in similar vein to a number of jokes – where one can improvise at will – to suit the audience and ambience. For example,

    ” Have you heard about what they say about men with Big Feet…”


    ” U know…” (to be interpreted in any way one deems fit)


  8. 'Rajni" Ramki Avatar

    “சிவாஜி வந்தப்புறம் இப்படி சிரிக்க முடியாது!” 🙂

    இதை கமல் சொல்றாரா, சுஜாத சொல்றாராங்கிறது உங்க சாய்ஸ்!


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