It’s Five !!


Yes, the 5th birthday of this blog. Four years completed. What started as an extremely spontaneous reaction to a rediff article[Part 1 & Part 2] by Anita Bora and Nidhi ‘Sunshine’ Rathi, has lasted for four complete years. For the first six months, I was the only reader for this blog. And then it was noticed by a few. After that three years of sheer roller-coaster ride with lots of fun, excitement, learning and sharing.

Unlike previous years, I was determined not to forget Feb 25th and I managed to remember it today. One sunny afternoon, while browsing rediff, I bumped against this article, I, Me,My Blog by Anita. It was a time when I thought writing a short story for Sulekha was the shortest way of becoming a writer. But heck, to be very honest I was never thinking of writing/scribbling anything like this. The article was certainly well written and it introduced me a word, WEBLOG. Thanks to Anita. The ‘Also Read’ section of the article had a link to another column, Instant Journalism which caught my fancy. I went bonkers over that story which said, a guy named Mahesh Shantaram had 60 followers daily. 60 followers daily. Holy Cow !!. Those days 60 unique page hits to a blog meant stupendous success. And Mahesh Shantharam was called a BLOGGER. A Blogger ?. My interest level was peaking.

Without much hesitation, I went over to and signed-up. So what should be the author name, I thought. Who cares, I told myself. lazygeek was a nickname I gave myself when I created a rediffmail ID, few days back. A brain wave for that struck me, at the stroke of a midnight session at office when I was racking my brains to come up with a pseudo name for myself. I was neither lazy nor a total geek. So how bout lazygeek, an aspirational pseudo name. So this blog was named scribbles of a lazy geek. I didn’t write a blogpost once I created an ID. I logged out and went ahead to see Mahesh’s blog. Mahesh was the Big B of blogging at that time. As a matter of fact there were only a handful of bloggers at that time. After glancing his blog, I decided that the blog should have stuff that I love to discuss about and those things about my place/movies/people which never found the light on the internet. So I scribbled something as a post. Not one but three posts on the same day. First one at 2:14 pm, second at 2:16 pm and the third at 6:53 pm. I had very little idea about a blog and things needed for being a blogger. And that’s how it all started. Rest of the story is available as four year archives.

As Dave Winer says, “This blog’s readers are collectively smarter than the author”. This ain’t true not only for this blog but for every other blog around. So its the readers who have inspired me to write. Even when I was the only reader it was the reader in me who kept the thing going. Plain six months, no one else to read the bloody blog. I had no clue where to go and whom to ask, on how to pull audience towards a blog. No one blogrolled this blog nor even bothered to drop a comment. However, I didn’t write anything great and that’s one of the reason why no one dropped in. These days, given the wide awareness of blogs, every other blog receives a good readership and enough comments(including spams) to keep the fire going. But just in case, if you have a blog like what was here four years back, you are one your way to strike Hatrick at Indibloggies. Keep Bloggin !!.

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  1. Praburam Avatar

    Congrats LG!
    Keep up the good work!


  2. thodarumm Avatar

    Congratulations and many happy returns of the day!

    Hard to imagine that you were the only one reading it for 6 months, but then again..I found you only last year.
    Best wishes!


  3. Raajk Avatar

    Congrats dude!

    And to give you some feedback…well, these two may be the reasons for the success of this blog.

    1.) Any Tamilian – Tamil Cinema = No Tamilian.

    2.) Author’s good attitude.


  4. Cipher Avatar

    Hi-Fi’ve LG….keep rocking…


  5. Nathan Vallisamy Avatar
    Nathan Vallisamy

    Hi LG,
    Excellent job/posts so far!
    Great job showing good growing– keep it up


  6. mani Avatar

    You inspired a lot and keep going. Congrats!!!


  7. thennavan Avatar

    Guru, Congratulations! Blogging time-la indha blog-ukku mazhalai/baalyam poyiduththu, inime responsibility jaasthi aayiduththu. Konjam kavalaikkidamaana paruvam dhaan – just kidding :-), let this blog retain its USP as always,


  8. Nitin Avatar

    Yeah, congrats LG, thanks to google, that I found ur blog. Every search that I put in google, gave up results leading to ur blog, thats what brought me here.


  9. randramble Avatar

    Happy birthday, LG!

    It was interesting to read how this blog started off.

    At this time, I can’t help dropping in some constructive criticism: I feel that you’re showing off a bit for the past few days…

    Forget that comment for today and enjoy!


  10. aNTi Avatar



  11. vijay Avatar

    why would you “aspire” to be lazy and a geek? 🙂
    Or is being publicly self-derogatory just cool?


  12. SayMee Avatar

    Congrats Guru. I have been a regular reader of your blog for the past 4 months and your blog posts are really too good. Keep up the good work..!!


  13. Abhishek Avatar



  14. maple Avatar

    super appuuu….great going…


  15. RS Avatar

    Happy Birthday, scribbles of a lazy geek! Keep up the good work, us blogs love your company 🙂


  16. Casement Avatar



  17. Keerthivasan Avatar

    It is hightime you started a political party, and contest (in Andippatti ) in this general elections.

    bloggers vote ellam ungalukkuththan….


  18. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Thanks Prabhuram, Thodarumm, Raaj, Nathan, Mani, Mukund, Nitin, Anti thala, Saymee, Abhishek, Maple, RS, Casement, Keerthi and Aparna.


  19. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //At this time, I can’t help dropping in some constructive criticism: I feel that you’re showing off a bit for the past few days…//

    Rand Ramble, Really ? I felt I managed to write a humble (adakivasikara) post. Anyways, better things than getting into Hot 500 have happened through this blog. If it was like showing-off, i’m sorry about it. will try and avoid it.


  20. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //It is hightime you started a political party, and contest (in Andippatti ) in this general elections.//

    Keerthi, thoda. ippadi ellam kaala vaanga paakurangappa :). nandri thala.


  21. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //why would you “aspire” to be lazy and a geek? 🙂
    Or is being publicly self-derogatory just cool?//

    Vijay, I am not sure. Could have been that one too.


  22. Ramachandran Avatar

    Congrats Lazygeek !!!!!!!!


  23. Lakshman Avatar

    Congrats Geek…!!!


  24. Your Blog Fan Avatar
    Your Blog Fan

    Congratulations Dude!!! Carry-on this fine job for years to come….


  25. Country Brute Avatar
    Country Brute

    I m pretty new to your Blog Geek, and its simply, facinating!!!

    Starting from the looks, going into the contents and the comments, everything is of High Quality & creativity. Congrats 🙂 Keep rockin…


  26. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Congrats thalai 🙂


  27. manju Avatar

    Congrats LG. Your blogs are interesting as well as informative. Continue the good work.



  28. rasu Avatar



  29. Netrikann Avatar

    Dunno abt the blogs Bday but its been 2 yrs since i started reading this… and needless to say, the quality is STILL the same…
    has lasted for four complete years. – no need for the for’

    For the first six months, I was the only reader for this blog. – reader ‘of’ this blog

    and it introduced me a word – introduced ‘to’ me
    If its a bloody English blog, use it properly…goddamnit…


  30. My Name is Billa Avatar

    Congrats! Can expect 9thara pic for 9th year celebration and Dasavatharam pic for 10th year celebration 🙂


  31. Gp Avatar

    urrrghhhhhh….im late! Happy blogging LG! 4 years! massive! amazing….!


  32. Kumaresan Avatar

    Oh..Just saw this..Keep Going…


  33. Lazy geek Avatar

    Netri, Nice to have you around for two years. What makes you come back here ? the bad english or the content or you just have enough freetime at office !! truly, i need an answer.


  34. Deepak Avatar

    // For the first six months, I was the only reader for this blog. And then it was noticed by a few. After that three years of sheer roller-coaster ride with lots of fun, excitement, learning and sharing. //

    Now this will certainly inspire a deluge of wannabe bloggers…

    congrats dude! keep up the good work!


  35. rubic_cube Avatar

    LG, I was introduced to blogging by Ferrari and Magix. Interesting company to start blogging. And then slowly expanded my reading to a collection of blogs. Yours was probably the 3rd blog that I started reading regularly, but did not comment till recently. But I have to admit that yours is among the most definitive blogs that I read on internet (my reading roll includes a few foreign ones too).
    Happy Anniversary to you and Many more happy returns of the day! Here’s wishing great times ahead…


  36. sLaSh Avatar

    why not try writin in tamil… not everythin but say when u write abt tamil movies


  37. Chandra Avatar

    Congrats Lazygeek! I have been a keen follower of your blog since I chanced upon it around 2 yrs back. In fact if you recall, had asked you about the rediff movie review id which you promptly mailed me. Have also commented on your blog, but that was a bit infrequent.

    I really like your blog for the simple reason that it gives me a really good glimpse into the world of tamil cinema. And being a gult very much interested in tam movies, I just cannot go to any other tam site to get updates.

    And let me tell you this: Your site is too good when it comes to coverage of this particular topic. Of course, if Mdeii Anand updates his blog on a more regular basis, then it can be quite tough competition for you! 🙂

    At the same time, your blog being in my favorites link speaks a thousand words…isnt it?

    Keep up the good work dude!!


  38. tony Avatar

    happy budday dude.

    I also started out somewhere in sept 2002 if the first post counts, because I opened maybe 10 blog accounts since then, changing the theme or topic so often, and somwhere in 2003 I got noticed by Rediffblogs sizzling blogs team and that’s how I started…. I became serious only in late 2005 though when i shifted parmanently to Blogger…

    This profile reads, blogger since sept 2002, for that one post i did 3 and a half years back, so when I did wanted to come back to blogger, i used the same account to start me the cook blog which is now more popular than my personal scribbles blog…


  39. nagraj Avatar



  40. Mahesh Shantaram Avatar

    Many people have been asking me to get my lazy ass back online, but after reading this post, I’ve started downloading MT. What goes around comes around, I guess. 🙂