Hot 500 !!

blogrolling hot 500

Anti did inform me about this but it was only today I actually bumped on it. This blog is one among the Top 500 blogs rolled through blogrolling. As of today its on rank 251 with over 237 blogs rolling it. Kiruba‘s is at 243rd rank.

These are all quantitative stuff. All quantitative and no qualitative analysis would lead to obscurity. So no yaps on the blog being one among top 500. Infact, I’m surprised by the number of blogs blogrolling this one. I have to extend my thanks not just by this blogpost but by this link back page, where there is a reciprocal link. Thanks again.

9 thoughts on “Hot 500 !!

  1. Congratulations…quantitative they might be, but then isnt civilization and evolution dependant on markers or legends to let the rest of the people grow around them? I think you gave a venue where people can come and read and interact in a sane blog, where you dont have to have the ‘blig-blig’ to beg people to come…All the best for more of the good stuff.


  2. //Interesting….the very 1st blog uses my id but the blog doesnt exist.//

    Iterative End, Nope. It does exist. Try now. blogrolling had a spell mistake so instead of it was shooting for 🙂

    and i saw a link to this blog, back there.


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