9 thoughts on “Anbe Sivam !!

  1. Sivarathiri !! Hmm.. Naattil thideer bakthi pralayam ! yesterday was Sani Pradhosham, and you should have seen the crowd in the local Shivan temple. Even Agastheeswarar was surprised.. “Whats with these guys !! Bird Flu ?”


  2. idhayam enbadhu sadai than enral
    eri thazhal thinru vidum
    anbin karuvi idhayam enral
    saavai vendru vidum
    anbe sivam!anbe sivam!

    (PS:i am no aetheist!whenever i hear “anbe sivam”-i get reminded of these wonderful lines)

    in the film kamal wud say–“taaj mahal illana-neenga ellam kadhal seiyardha niruthiduveengala?!”.
    i wud like to put back the same question–“neenga kadavul illana sonna–naanga bhakthiya nirithiduvomma?!!”


  3. Can’t help but highlight the preachy nature of advocates of universal love – the love for the fellow mortal. But this concept was but beautifully portrayed in every scene Kamal appears esp after the obligatory love & “one man fights all baddies” scenes were over. As the movie matured into unchartered territory of peace, forgiveness, unconditional love, elements of faith / beliefs etc… it was almost destined to be a commercial flop but a critics’ bouquet. The challenges of commercial indian cinema will continue to pressure but it is the sheer preserverance of artistes (not actors) like Kamal that sets some of these gems apart… irregardless of the fact that it may be deemed as self-indulgence by an aging heartthrob of the yesteryear…


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