Rang De Basundhi

As everyone churns a review or two (!!) of Rang De Basanti, why should I be sitting idle. If not for Basanti, there is always a favorite dish, Basundhi. A quick search on Google for Basundhi, gets us to this page which lets out the recipe for Basundhi. And yeah, I love Saravana Bhavan’s Basundhi.

Jokes apart, the desi blogosphere seems to be bursting with action on writing reviews for Aamir/Rahman’s latest flick Rang De Basanti. Even folks who were in out-of-action, seem to have come out of the clout. I notice the blogosphere going ga-ga over RDB over the weekend and before I could put them in words, Anti wrote a neat piece on this recent love. This is what Anti had to say –

Rang De Basanti seems to have captured the attention of the desi blogosphere and the Indian media like nothing else before it. Oh wait, a small correction. Before RDB, there was IIPM. But as Jerry would quip, not that there is anything wrong with it. At last notice, a simple search on Blogger Search for “Rang De Basanti” turns up 2,234 posts while a similar search on Technorati returns 1,257 results. In fact, Rang De Basanti has been in the top 15 list of searches on Technorati for the last couple of days and is in the top 10 currently.

People are excessively using internet to get a feel of the movie before they go for it, I would assume. Even if 50% of these searches were by people who wanted to make a decision on RDB before they spend time and money on it, blogs have won hands down. Back in early 2002, when I started to know this thingy called blogs, I never imagined that blogs could be put to use in such a way. Except a handful of badly written sites, there wasn’t much of internet concentrating on this arena. Now with such facts, the Indian Film Industry should turn towards blogs for promoting or taking note of short comings.

This hasn’t happened yet to tamil movies. Sometimes, I have seen sharp spike on stats as people trying to reach this blog during a movie release. But there aren’t many who write about tamil movies on blogosphere. And even if they do, they write as bad as me or they are just trying to make a satirical post to showcase their ‘engpilish’. There is plenty of space for good tamil movie reviews in blogosphere. Just Plenty.

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  1. //** And even if they do, they write as bad as me or they are just trying to make a satirical post to showcase their ‘engphilish’ **//

    I agree with the later part of the sentence,not the first one 😉


  2. LG,
    I agree with you. It’s really surprising to note the fact that there aren’t many places to review tamil or for that reason, indian movies. Even if a few exist then its badly written or more often a plagiarised version. This is total injustice to masses from a country where everything revolves aroung movies. Be it Pongal, Diwali, Christmas or Ramzan it’s the cince stars who rule the roost.
    I do however appreciate your reviews even though I may not agree with some of them (thank God we all have our own views and convictions). From what I read and from general opinions from the net, you have created your own niche for movie reviews and the like. Kudos to that. Guess one has to make aware to the public what they are in for when they buy tickets or rent a DVD and the more the reviews available the merrier. I dont know if RDB will be a hit but it sure did stir a hornets nest with the IAF and our good ol’ Maneka Gandhi, the saviour of our four legged friends. Anyways hats off to you and keep em blogs coming. Guess it’s customary to apologise for the typos and as for my “englipish” you’ve got to live with it.


  3. I love basundhi 😀

    Ya, everyone seems to be writing about it and it is the cliches that have been hyped. That sucks. I wish Anand would elaborate more, since I know that I totally lack knowledge on the nuances of cinema.

    As for the lack of tamil reviews, its mainly because Tam movies are not as widespread as Hindi movies. And even if people watch a lot of Tam movies, no one wants to say something because of the way they see it 🙂


  4. BTW i saw the Rang de Basanti movie on saturday,
    the theater was so full tht, i got the front row seat. i didnt wnt to watch movie from even in india, but the movie is worth watching.
    nice concept and music.


  5. In my opinion,reading movie reviews even before watching them will spoil the spirit of watching movies..everyone should first watch movies and then start readin its reviews,to get different aspects of the movies…


  6. Hi Guru,
    I feel that you can see the movie first and then put up ur views of the same too! Loved the movie and its concept and the way the songs and the scenes were shot without going into the normal cine way……. Sidharth was awesome… even overshadowing Aamir in my view……. i dont agree with Anand………


  7. Cipher thalai, Thanks.

    //This is total injustice to masses from a country where everything revolves aroung movies.//

    Smk, Very true and thats my crib too. Thanks for the words you said.


  8. //And even if people watch a lot of Tam movies, no one wants to say something because of the way they see it :)//

    Anti, I see what you are saying. But atleast there are people who watch in some possible way. Here in Seattle, the movies don’t get released at all except some high profiled ones like anniyan and ghajini.


  9. //Btw, did u watch Aranmanai Siruvayalil??//

    Swami, I am so sorry that I missed it. I knew I couldn’t make it sometime back and hence I didn’t promise to make it to the play. Few of friends were there but I am yet to hear from them. Saw the pics sent by lakshmi. Seems to have been a bigger production than what I estimated. And if I say that I’m waiting for the DVD version, I would be a victim to Lakshmi’s customary anger on people like me 🙂


  10. Dream weaver, Haven’t watched the movie yet. Was planning to go fro it on saturday but it turned out to be wet , as usual in seattle. so was just munching hot peanuts watching Jaya TV !!


  11. //But what is IIPM?//

    Guna, Not to make fun on you as you already asked a pardon but this is the biggest question of last year. If you can go to and seacrh for IIPM you might know what it means. And save some half hour to know more about it.


  12. //Sidharth was awesome//

    Anoop, So many of them have reflected this again and again. Very very eager to see how the aayitha ezhuthu arjun has transformed.


  13. “There is plenty of space for good tamil movie reviews in blogosphere”.

    I agree that there is plenty of space in blogosphere…but are there plenty of good tamil movies?

    Tamil movie should first come out of its double standards.Censor board and politicians should not interfere much with tamil movies.

    Technically brilliant movie is not a good movie.
    Example: Anniyan, Gajini, Agni Nakshatram, Aalavandhan etc..Sadly those movies go for oscars and misconstrued as a good tamil movie.


  14. i guess its mainly because that many people have stopped watching your normal aadhi and paramasivam, only when some good ( could be used in tandem with hyped, looks interesting) movies release do people go and watch movies…so


  15. LG: What i was saying is that a lot of people watch regardless of the fact that no theater closeby carries the movie. The joy of broadband, if you know what i mean!


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