Last page first !!

The girl sitting opposite to me was reading a book. This was in the bus, during my morning commute to office. The book looked like a pulp fiction paperback. As the bus approached Downtown Seattle, she suddenly turned to last page of the book and continued reading from there. She was approximately in the middle of the book before took this wild jump to the last page.

She completed the last page, read the blurb in the back of the book and got down from the bus. Donno how much fun it was to do that ?

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  1. There is definitly something cool about reading the last page first. I still do it to my every book. It gives the anticipation of knowing whats instore.

    By the way LG, I dont know if you like being tagged or not, but this is a cool new one, fun and short, hope you like it. You have been MUG-Tagged! Its the international post a mug week, head to my blog for more info…

  2. Well, those who cant control their curiosity may do that. I wont even try looking at the last few pages of any book cos I wouldnt want to know the names of the characters who survive till the end.

  3. Guru

    Is it just me or i am wondering why no one is concerned that it cud be Pulp-Fiction screenplay woven into a book and it makes sense to look into the last page as the scenes are splashed across in a random order in the movie.

  4. Man, was going through your blog and I see a link to mine listed as Janaki.:) Did you know that I’am generally known as Hamsini?:)

  5. Hmmm…

    For many years, I used to have that problem. Slowly reducing it. But yes, it is not fun, but the tension of what happens at the end is so strong, you just want to flip to the end.

  6. I once did that to Asimov’s Second Foundation. Couldn’t stand the suspense. Flipped to the last page and read it. But the book is so good, despite reading the last 4 words “Preem Palver, First Speaker” — the single biggest suspense — I just didn’t realise what it meant until I read the book end-to-end.

    Some books just can’t be spoiled by spoilers.

  7. Anand: Did you just realise that you might have just given a mini-spoiler for Second Foundation, for all those ppl who are right now halfway through the book? 😉

  8. Subbu,
    it may not be a book based on Pulp ficion because, pulp ficion is not a suspense thriller…she would not have gone straight to the last page to see the ending of that book…anyways i cud be wrong too…btw Pulp ficion is my favorite movie…

  9. Ok…the only thing comin to my mind is she borowed the book long ass time ago and had to return it..so she read the last page before givin it bk…ohh wait..or maybe she is a big tarantino fan and she was dying after she got of the bus and decided to finish the suspense b4 she died..god bless her poor soul…lazy u missed the chance of being a hero!!

  10. //There is definitly something cool about reading the last page first. I still do it to my every book. It gives the anticipation of knowing whats instore.//

    GP, Cant believe its so cool to read the end of the book. wow. seems like that girl wasn’t alone.

    And tagging, anna aala vudunga.

  11. Yes, I too know of a person who reads the ending mid-way. I, for one, would like to enjoy the suspense rather than getting out of that mode. I guess it’s the difference between enjoying the narration and the urge to know the story quickly.

  12. i read somewhere that ppl read the first chapter first and follow it with the last jus to see how the story progresses..but this is interesting…

  13. I have done it a lot of times, especially in hostel, when a dayscholar would give us a set of books to read for a couple of days.. And we, as a gang of 10 would take turns to read them.

    And if I didn’t get to complete the whole book, I would just fast read the last page and hear how the story progressed from the one sitting next to me during class hours 😉

  14. Hey Barath,
    Is Harry the character who says that he luvs to read the last page first coz he cant be sure if he will live to read the last page?

    When i remembered the post, it struck to me that ive seen such a character in a movie/novel but the name came to mind only after reading ur comment:)

  15. The author must have re-directed, Sujatha similarly wrote a story that has no end, he starts the story from middle , we go back to page 1 from the last page, then on and on…..anatha mathri..the author must have given pointers [redirection] to read the last few pages .. evan kandan.

  16. something I also do all the time.. just can’t wait specially if it is thriller. Got htis kicks when i started reading sidney sheldonas a kid.

    DO have a look at latest post. Sad but… worth a look.

  17. I chanced upon your blog and wow does it make interesting reading. I live in Chennai now. I am jealous of your regular blogging habits. Drop by my blog sometime.

  18. It depends on the book. Like most girls, I read romance novels that way and these days romance is packed with suspense and the covers are made to look like that of a mystery novel. May be she was reading romantic suspense and during the middle of the book, the protagonists were having a major fight and the girl just wanted to know if they ended up together finally!

    too lame?

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