Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu Trailer

The knife on my neck would be drilled-in, if I wouldn’t link to the most famous Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu trailer. More than 10 emails and a bunch of comments on this blog is good enough to ensure the expectations on this movie.

First Impression. Very mediocre. Maybe I expected more, but that rap for the trailer is a grave mistake. Kamal looks and walks with extra firmness. The shots don’t appeal too much. They didn’t create a ‘wow’ factor. And those tag lines like A Cop From India are starting to get on the nerves. Maybe I haven’t got back from the Kakka Kakka hangover.

Its good to restraint from over-analysing a mere trailer which could be the bad twin of a wonderful flick. This is kamal rasigan in me, hoping/talking.

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  1. sneha Avatar

    oops i thot only i have this feeling. so u too have. I like bopth gautham and kamal … ltes hope for the best. 🙂


  2. AjayR Avatar

    I bet Harris would deliver again! And hope others as well 😛 The title tune sounds similar to MI2, the famous “Mission Impossible” soundtrack of Hans Zimmer (probably ‘coz he’s Harris’ fav composer) 🙂


  3. F e r r a r i Avatar

    After screwing up ghajini’s background score, guess harris is screwing the BGM of VV. Hmmmm!


  4. Vikram Avatar

    Well, i personally believe that the trailer was very good! And the background score quite matches the fact that the movie has been shot in the US predominantly. Gautam Menon is trying to be different and i think it will pay off…And Kamal is old now, so a tad bit of insecurity about his posture would have crept in! 🙂


  5. karthikeyan Avatar

    dei loosu lazy geek,
    after supporting monkey vijay’s sivakasi…….. how dare u act as kamal fan…… double game??????


  6. Vincent Avatar

    I think the trailer is fine. I agree it does not have a WOW factor but its in no way mediocre! Why is rap music in a police/gangster movie a ‘grave mistake’ ?


  7. manickam Avatar

    I guess the ad-director wants his trailer to be fuzzy enough to “try to” bring in a class effect to his movie with random/abrupt shots, typical like any hip-hop american movie. He wants to try new stuff though this is only “new” to tamil cinema. If you talk of originality…”not guessable”.


  8. Kartik Kannan Avatar

    Hi Hari , Did u get my mail ?


  9. senthil Avatar

    Kamal looks extremely old in the trailer. Looks like we are in for another Alavandaan…


  10. Vidya Avatar

    May be Gautam Menon was not in his right mind when he choose Harris for this movie. Producera maathina maadhiri they could have changed the music director. Sigh !!!!!.


  11. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //The title tune sounds similar to MI2, the famous “Mission Impossible” soundtrack of Hans Zimmer//

    Ajay, I didn’t strike me. maybe i’ve watch the trailer but what i’m avoiding to over-analyze a first cut trailer.


  12. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Ferrari, I’m not resting my beliefs on Mr. Harris anymore.


  13. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Gautam Menon is trying to be different and i think it will pay off//

    Vikram, I think just the opposite. I think Gautam is just extrapolating Kakkha Kakkha to an international level case. If only he wanted to be truly different, he shouldn’t be taking a COP movie again.

    Why not a beatuiful romantic flick with Kamal and Jyo on hand ?


  14. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //dei loosu lazy geek,
    after supporting monkey vijay’s sivakasi…….. how dare u act as kamal fan…… double game??????//

    Mr. Tightu Karthikeyan, Its again multiple game not just double. I support Rajini in Chandrmukhi, Surya in Aayitha Ezhuthu, Dhanush in Kadhal Konden.

    Ivangala ellam support panna, Kamal support panna kudathunu ‘UNGA’ Kamal solli irukaara enna ?


  15. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Why is rap music in a police/gangster movie a ‘grave mistake’ ?//

    vikram, wait and watch. maybe i’ll be wrong. but that BGM didn’t allow me to relate to the images on screen.


  16. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Manickam, 🙂

    //Looks like we are in for another Alavandaan…//

    Senthil, I can never write-off a Kamal flick until we watch it. Lets hold on until then.


  17. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Producera maathina maadhiri they could have changed the music director. Sigh !!!!!.//

    Vidya, Are you suggesting Rahman ? Wow, true wow factor it would have been. this is Rahman’s fan talking 🙂


  18. aalthotabupathy Avatar

    My kind advice to u is that, do not imagine stuff before watching his movie. Go without expectations and u will be stumped by “Kamal”ism.


  19. Bristol Boy Avatar
    Bristol Boy

    I’d imagine that VV will turn out to be a block buster ( atleast a hit) with shades of ‘Kuruthi Punal’ with slight masala..


  20. vasanth Avatar

    lazy, i think it’s good that the trailer isn’t that good. atleast we can have realistic expectations instead of the unfair hype surrounding a kamal movie.

    and abt the stiff walk/gait, mebbe kamal had that on purpose, afterall he’s a cop(in the movie)…


  21. iyengarkatz Avatar


    its amazing how people form impressions and start to put down a movie based on a 1 minute trailer!! maybe that is why hollywood is always used as a benchmark for indian movies. after all, a lot of hollywood movies can actually be condensed into a one minute trailer and left alone!

    also, where does the idea that to be truly different one must completely change styles come into play? i’m referring to your comment to vikram. despite all your platitudes for mani rathnam, his style of story telling remains distinctively the same. he has never attempted a full blown comedy or action movie or masala movie, so can we assume his movies are not different and are just the same? martin scorcese’s legacy is predominantly only mob related movies, so then he never attempted anything different?? in fact if not for kamal’s dates, he would have been making a love story with surya and asin!

    the genre jump that gautham menon did from minnale to kk is a big one. let us watch the ENTIRE movie and then critique it, not EXTRAPOLATE our opinions based on a 1 minute trailer that did not showcase anything except the main characters and hunt for someone!



  22. kajan Avatar

    Kamal is 50. How young can one look at 50?:-) He has maintained his physique well till Alavandan, but from then, has been looking chubby in all his films. For a cop role, even as an investigative division, he needs to be a bit more trimmed. Otherwise, at least, it’s his own hair on his head:-)

    I have my doubts about this film. KK hangover will make it dull in comparision, since theme seems to be the same. And what is Jyothika doing in this film, with Kamal? Wasn’t Thenali bad enough!


  23. Kamal Avatar

    U r right
    Sivakasi is a bullshit movie
    VV is goin to be a damn gud one
    so lazzy dnt be lazzy to talk tht


  24. Ram Avatar

    ahh… thats dissappointing…very amaturish! looks like a fan-created trailer with powerpoint/flash effects…

    kamal looks out of place…. but i was sure Gautam will not dissapoint with the movie… now i am having my doubts after seeing color grades, matrix effects, and rap music…

    is this a tamil new year release?


  25. iyengarkatz Avatar


    for an investigative cop role, he needs to be a bit more trimmed??

    like mohanlal in company??

    like real police men??

    isn’t it ironic we expect our reel cops to be fit and trim as if that truly is what makes a good cop!!



  26. ganu Avatar




  27. some1 Avatar

    Gautam says he actually asked Ksmal to be very normal and casual in terms of his body language and acting. How is it???? LOL


  28. silicon sillu Avatar

    this link answers many questions

    anyway iam woried on the kind of behavior some kamal fans sported here, afterall, kamalfans are the only ones known for more dignity….

    if ppl are sending mail/forcing to post the news on VV trailor, is it to feel bad on their “over-enthu”, or to feel proud on this blog’s popularity???


  29. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Katz, I think you didn’t read the last lines of what I had said.

    Also, its irritating to hear Gautam say this is Kakkha Kakkha part 2. And that was my whole crib. it could be a cop movie but tagging it as KK2 is cheap publicity. A Kamal flick needn’t be tagged as such.


  30. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //if ppl are sending mail/forcing to post the news on VV trailor, is it to feel bad on their “over-enthu”, or to feel proud on this blog’s popularity???//

    Silicon Sillu, I have to answer you. Else I would be mistaken.

    Actually it was just a funny way to start the post. thought more than 10 people had sent links and even the flash trailer itself, majority of them weren’t kamal fans.

    they were people who knew me as a Kamal fan and sent it just for me. also no one actually asked this to be posted in blog. i was just making fun.

    so are you taking things seriously or was it a PJ[poor joke] ??


  31. silicon sillu Avatar

    wat do u guys say about this????!!!!

    Trailer creates a stir!

    By Moviebuzz
    Thursday, 19 January , 2006, 09:42

    Kamal Hassan’s Vetayadu Vilayadu trailer is creating waves. It is one of the finest trailers seen in recent times. Kamal as the cop Raghavan looks smashing. The film seems to be about a serial killer, on whose trail, the hero goes to New York.
    Gautham has been able to create an aura of suspense throughout the trailer. The trailer looks stylish and an extension of his Kaakha Kaakha. The trailer cut also highlights the camera of Ravi Varman. Added to all this, the eerie background score of Harris Jayraj is an added highlight.

    The producer of the film 7th Channel Narayanan is said to be very happy with the trailer, which has boosted the market rate of the film. He has already been able to sell Coimbatore area for Rs 1.60 Crore and NSC- City for a whopping Rs 3.75 Crore, a new benchmark for a Kamal film.

    Vetayadu Vilayadu releases on April 14, Tamil New year.


  32. silicon sillu Avatar

    //so are you taking things seriously or was it a PJ[poor joke] ??//

    i was saying serious! thopught that some kamal veriyans were pressuering you!!anyway good to see the real fact…..

    and why i included the word ‘proud’ is due to the below link…..

    best wishes!


  33. Ravi Avatar

    //martin scorcese’s legacy is predominantly only mob related movies, so then he never attempted anything different?? in fact if not for kamal’s dates, he would have been making a love story with surya and asin! //

    Scorsese has done films like Bringing out the Dead, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Alice, Last Temptation of Christ, etc. so he’s directed much more than Mafia movies. Mean Streets and Goodfellas were highly influencial films. Kaaka Kaaka does not seem particularly original. Just a lot of slick cinematography and editing to cover the fact that it is influenced by HW action movies.

    The rapping is terrible. At least Blaaze’s raps are somewhat clever at times. YSR (and now HJ) don’t do rap in an interesting way IMO.


  34. manickam Avatar

    i think menon is stretching his expectation a bit too much, which can be seen in his answer to the final question posted to him in that asianage webpage which many have cited above.
    “We can make ‘sivakasi’ reach everest’s summit, pushing ‘anbe sivam’ down the cliff at the same time! ”
    No one can understand the common thamizhan.


  35. vijay Avatar

    I agree that the trailer was unimpressive. That doesnt mean the movie would. iyengarkatz, I dont think LG extrapolated based on the trailer. He said the movie might turn out to be better than the trailer. Looks like you(as always) extrapolated what he said 🙂 The rap music for such a trailer sucked big time. It wasnt catchy too. Hope this is not one of the songs in the album.

    “isn’t it ironic we expect our reel cops to be fit and trim as if that truly is what makes a good cop!!”

    Well lets not give realism as an excuse for Kamal being overwight 🙂 appadi paatha most cops wont look as good as Kamal, Vijaykanth would have been the ideal choice 🙂 I read somewhere that Kamal was asked to trim down or Kamal wanted to trim down for this role or something like that. From the trailer it looks like he is just halfway there. But he definitely looks like the 40ish cop that Gautam Menon said he had in mind. (more like 50ish 🙂 ) And no, dont jump on me, I am not a Vijay or Sivakasi fan.


  36. ashwin Avatar

    how can a movie’s fate be told in a 60 second trailer?

    nontheless i totally disagree with you lazy. Tell me if you’ve seen a trailer like this in the tamil film industry? such savviness. such style. and no im not talkin about the superstar style….the new style which is the future of tamil movies.

    no offnse lazy, but maybe you’re a bit passed that age to appreciate such saviness. I have no right to say this. I have friends straight from college working on this movie. And personally the hip swaying of a 70 year old man is NOT the future of ‘kollywood.’ This is just my opinion. VV is going take film mkaing in tamil nadu to the next step.

    kamal hassan acts his age in this movie unlike his counterpart. thats why he looks ‘old.’


  37. manickam Avatar

    another thing which i’ve noticed is the way a fad catches up with the industry. someone just has to start it..whoosh, everyone does it.
    The simplest thing being titles. murugadoss, i dont know in what mindset he was or wherefrom he got the idea, brought out the rotating titles with the fuzzy backgrounds in ghajini trailer. Ok…wow! [I guess kakka kakka’s was the first fuzzy bkgd trailer i’ve seen.]
    menon thought it wasnt really a bad idea…so started rotating his titles in VV (not all of ’em though)…PLUS!…plus a wave effect making the letters oscillate like a spark.
    The light flashing effect, wherein a ray of light is flashed through the main title from left to right is already well known. it has come up to paramasivan now.
    I guess very soon we may see hollywood style trailers – starts with lengthy slow moving scenes, then a pulse beginning with faster scenes, and ending up with 10 or 20 or random frames (showing almost all the characters acting in the movie) just to ‘increase the tension’ make us hope more from the movie.
    really great work. finding a style and making it fit for a movie following a different cultural pattern is not easy. But in a small corner of my mind, i dont want them to COPY!


  38. krishna Avatar

    bad trailer. he does look stiff too (this, discounting the theory that the famously under-the-character’s-skin kamal does that on purpose! howl!!). the rap is equally chuckle-worthy… gautam has indeed started taking himself, and all the tech wiz superlatives, seriously. guess this is what success does to people. but let’s hope the trailer is after all just a trailer.

    about kamal doing one-up on his “old” counterpart, well isn’t this the same 50-year-old guy who pulled mom rohini hattangadi’s sari and konjified… “amma enakku ippo kalyanam ellaam vendaamnu appa kitte sollunga” in V.Raja MBBS? well, so much for looking his age!


  39. iyengarkatz Avatar


    i can see how your extrapolation works! i never disagreed with guru’s hope…i only said let us not take a 1 minute trailer and extrapolate how the movie could be/would be/should be! so basically, i have not extrapolated anyone’s comments but only mentioned that it might be better to view THE WHOLE MOVIE rather than extrapolate prior to it. to attribute a completely different meaning to a statement that was left generic as opposed to being directed at guru alone in many ways construes to be worse than extrapolation….it is misrepresentation. i rather extrapolate than misrepresent! 🙂

    and as for the looks bit…the whole point of that comment was to showcase the trivial things that people are using to justify/sully a movie?? what difference does kamal’s weight have to do with the entire movie?? does it matter? does him being lean and mean make the movie much better at this point since the trailer is the judging point for the movie??? mere fault finding is of no use at all!



  40. Shyam Avatar

    VV is going tobe good hopefully why is it that only when kamal acts everyone jumps with criticism come on give him a break do yu think anyone can do a salangai oli and nayagan and if rajini acts its ok no faults found in chandraukhi give me a break.
    Anyway it should be good kamal is not looking g8 but lets hope the movie is


  41. Sunny Avatar

    I wonder which hollywood flick Gautham remade this time?!! Raja sen here - -honestly questions the integrity of these so called “writers” and “directors”.


  42. Shyam Avatar

    The trailer has definitely not lived to my very high expectations for the movie but it also did not lower my interest to watch the movie itself. But beware, when 2 geniuses are working together, the product is gonna be a treat for us to watch
    btw, whoever it is, dont worry about the remake crap, I would say that gautam would have used ideas from other movies instead of saying he has stolen the ideas… do you agree, my gautam and kamal fans??


  43. Alpesh Avatar

    I actually did like the trailer, and it did have a little WOW factor for me. Maybe it’s because its nice to hear a rap song in tamil without Blaaze with his ridiculous lyrics.

    The one thing which is kind of playing on my mind though, is that Kamal Hassan is looking a little overweight, and that is making him look older. I am a fan of Kamal Hassan and I think nothing is impossible for him to pull off, but he does look as miscast as Ajay Devgan did in Yuva.


  44. ajay ramachandran Avatar
    ajay ramachandran

    the trailer does look slick..especially the aerial night shot of skyscrapers
    the rap song is nice and pacy
    dai geek what else do you expect from a trailer??
    ok i accept kamal’s eyes does look a bit too drooping …
    the movie looks great


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