Damn Funny !!

Update – Looks like this video is dated more than a year back. It’s old stuff. Still, the contents could hold right even today. Watch this if you haven’t seen it before. Thanks to Tambram/Vasant.

[Source – Google Video]

Yeah !! Yeah !! It’s about making fun on the Indian Call Centers. Nevertheless the guy who goes to one of Hyderbad’s call center is comical, especially while he flirts with the girl in the call center. This video was a part of Conan O’ Brien talk show on NBC.

Watch out, this video is lengthy. Should be accompanied with speakers and 8 minutes of your time.

10 thoughts on “Damn Funny !!

  1. Heard of this video — thanx for the opportunity to watch it!

    As much fun as it may seem when watching from a neutral perspective, it’s just a reflection of how
    American companies are run. The exaggeration in the video isn’t comfortable for any Indian who knows India and Hyderabad.


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