Katrathum Petrathum Stops. Again.

One of the best column in Tamil print media, Writer Sujatha‘s Katrathum Petrathum in Ananda Vikatan, has stopped again. Sujatha has decided to take a break and continue it later. Katrathum Petrathum has had 3 three servings until now. All the three times, the column has appeared atleast 54 weeks before it ended. And every time, I couldn’t wait for Sujatha to start it again.

This old man is a heap of intelligence, who at times is mistaken for being a pseudo intellectual. It’s his immense popularity that make his contemporaries corner his writing as popular writing and not include him in the so called ‘serious literature writing’. They don’t get that popular writing is as much literature as a ‘serious literature’ attempt. Sometimes though he makes couple of superficial statements like this, his column has been a quintessential read. This 3rd serving of Katrathum Petrathum has been in action for over 90 weeks now.

In this final week of Katrathum Petrathum, Sujatha writes about the new year party hosted by Kamalhassan. The party is supposed to include Kollywood’s Who’s Who and many other top stars of Indian cinema. Thats when Kamal chose to discuss the Dasavatharam storyline by remarking to Sujatha, Bruce Arasuvoda Naaiya Konudaraan, Sir. And now people would go bonker bonks on guessing who would be Bruce and Arasu. I think, both are two of the 10 characters enacted by Kamal Hassan himself.

If not for such teasers of Kamal and Shankar flicks, Katrathum Petrathum had in itself a gamut of topics from Sci-Fi, Haiku, Tamil books/writers, Contemporary Literature and the most famous Best of Year columns. It had become a sort of weekly dose of all the topics I would love to read. And a habit of reading it, similar to drinking filter coffee, couldn’t be stopped so easily. More than other weekly columns it had a tinge cynical humor that makes you relate to every single issue, so easily. Until such time, when Sujatha prefers to start it again, we will wait. Rather I would.

8 responses to “Katrathum Petrathum Stops. Again.”

  1. veda Avatar

    i have been a regular reader of the column and have learnt a lot from “Katrathum petrathum” and i hope he resumes the column soon.


  2. kajan Avatar

    I too like this column in AV, probably next to ‘Hi Madan’. But I preferred the first instalment to the rest. His last lot has been boring and more personal.

    As far as a writer, he is okay. Actually, tamil writers are all just okay types. Nothing much to talk about their contribution to anything ( I am talking about present lot)


  3. silicon sillu Avatar

    when i have to explain someone what is a blog, i always tell that, if u put sujatha’s Katrathum Petrathum on a website, then it is a blog….


  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Silicon Sillu, I agree with you.

    It was a blog on the book, missing democracy.


  5. silicon sillu Avatar

    //It was a blog on the book, missing democracy.

    Keerthivaasan, ithai avar start panni vaiththa karuththu.com kke poi post pannidunga


  6. iii Avatar

    I dunno if you can answer this, but was wondering why tamil fonts on blogs(like the one you linked to) have the “thunai eluthu” (I think thats what its called) inverted …for example K(0) is written (O)k..thats kinda weird and leaves me disoreinted.. and if its a technical problem cant some comp techie come up with a solution for it?


  7. priya Avatar

    Katradhum… was one of the best articles to appear in AV… previously there was this another article by ramakrishnan titled kadhavilasam … that was also good… hope Av people bring something as good as either fo these two again


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