Best of 2005

Roger Ebert’s Best Movies of 2005. Crash tops the list as Spielberg’s Munich is on the third while King Kong sits on number 9.

Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and U2’s Bono are Persons of the Year 2005.

Time’s Best Photos of the Year 2005.

Reuter’s Pictures of the Year 2005.

Google’s 2005 Year-end Zeitgeist. Looking at Froogle – Top Searches in 2005, you know how the world goes ga-ga over the whole IPOD thing. Indian version of Google’s Zeitegeist isn’t out yet. However going by the international zeitgeist itself you could expect Sania Mirza, Bipasha Basu and Mallika Sherawat to top the list.

10 Best Tech Podcasts of 2005. The Web 2.0 Show has been quite interesting.

Sify’s Kollywood Box-Office 2005. This essentially does not mean these are the ‘good’ movies. We know good movies and box-office are inversely propotional. Thalaivar’s and Jo’s Chandramukhi tops the list. And yeah !! read closely, No Comments for minuses on Chandramukhi.

Best of Indian Blogs ?. We are still in the process of nominating the Best Indian Blogs. If you haven’t nominated your favorite Indian blogs, read more on IndiBloggies. If the whole thing sounds a little geeky to you, cool off. Leave a comment here and I will try to nominate them for you with a mention of your name.

NY Time’s The 10 Best Books of 2005. Haruki Murakami’s Kafka On The Shore tops the list of fiction 2005. Ian McEwan’s Saturday is also one of them. They also have 100 Notable Books of the Year which features Rushdie’s Shalimar the Clown, Freakonomics, The World is Flat and also the expected Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

P.S – Will keep adding few more as they keep coming.

6 responses to “Best of 2005”

  1. Gp Avatar

    Hi Lazy, nice list. Happy holidays…how many days break do you get??


  2. Phoenix Avatar

    I wonder why are all the best photos about death and tragedy….


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Phoneix, No wonder the news is just a commentary on who killed whom and which accident happened where . Aren’t we all already vexed about this. Photos are just confirming that fact 🙂

    GP, Lots of days of holidays. Unfortunately the project is on the verge of ‘going live’. Anyway Happy Holidays !!


  4. Narayanan Avatar

    Crash is an excellent movie. But did it release in 2005? it was 2004 if am right.



  5. Saravanan Avatar

    Forget Munich. Watch Syriana which is on number 2 in the list. One of the best movies I have seen recently.


  6. Ravi Avatar

    Crash was bad, and King Kong was just alright. Ebert’s gone nuts 🙂


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