I am this…I am that

Magazines run ads.

Books don’t.

What are blogs?

This is sheer co-incidence. Two days before, I decided to remove ads out of this blog. Two days later, I read Seth Godin’s introspective blogpost on Promotion, Self Promotion and ofcourse Ads.

If you are a blogger, you are sure to have thought about this, numerous times. Even if you aren’t one, Seth’s post would hint you the kind of promotional and self-promotional ads run by the blogs. Do read it.

9 responses to “I am this…I am that”

  1. income ot outcome.. i’ve just put another Ad on my blog. The Firefox Banner, click and download Firefox from my page, and these guys pay me $1.

    Want to try how it works.. simply click the link on my site, and i shall tell you 😛



  2. Blogs and books and readership and promoting readership of blogs!!
    Well, there is a sect of bloggers (and this one is too few in number) who write for the pleasure of writing rather than trying to promote readership in any way… They write because they “love” writing and write what “they” want to write rather than what their “audience” wants to read…

    This is one aspect where blogging differs from books or magazines..


  3. I feel that in addition to ads, budding blogstars should be spotted just as they are spotted in Indian Idols, Nach Baliye and boogie-woogie. The content has to be spotted before the ads- substance before style, content before form.