An Ad-free blog !!

I know it was me who jumped in at first to sign-up for Google Adsense, when it was introduced. Two reasons. To earn money from the blog and to also try out how Google Adsense works. Well, I haven’t earned more than what I spend on this blog. More than the hosting charges, its the time that I invest writing which is more precious. I do enjoy the experience of writing. Add to that joy the lots of typos and grammatically perfect sentences that would Wren and Martin, a run for life.

Just that I don’t want to earn money from the targetted ads. Hence I unplugged the Ad scripts from the templates. Adsene has been just outstanding as expected. Maybe I’ll plug back the Ad scripts after a few months. As of not this blog is Ad-Free. Talk about signing up for the Ads myself and taking it out with a dramatic post like this.

To keep the templates trim, the Go Seattle Photoblog is also not plugged out of the templates. I did notice that the flickr script has been running more than the expected time and sometime it’s frustating to see the blog getting loaded after a long time.

4 responses to “An Ad-free blog !!”

  1. Ramesh Avatar

    “More than the hosting charges, its the time that I invest writing which is more precious.”

    Please dont waste your time in writing third rate posts like Simbhu apes Rajini


  2. Saravanan Avatar

    For me Adblock takes care of everything 🙂


  3. thodarumm Avatar

    Sorry totally crazy, but I am trying to locate your blog whree you were book tagged ( yes, yes I know, should have saved it then), but what to do, did not, ‘search’ is not helping me. Enna ‘Madam’ pottutae last ‘reply’il, so please please dey, point me to that blog post. I could have e-mailed you, but I doubt if you read them :).

    Mikka nandri…


  4. thodarumm Avatar

    Found it. Konjam porumai venum, aanaa nee ennikku reply pannuviyo…
    Thanks anyways! It is a pleasure to read your blog. Still cannot understand Web2.0! 🙂


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