Mani Ratnam’s latest – A Romantic Comedy

With all the hulla-golla over Mani Ratnam directing Mahabharata coming to an end, there is some rumor on bollywood circles that Mani Ratnam is directing Aamir Khan, produced by Bobby Bedi. Well, its not Mahabharata but a romantic comedy. And I’m already thanking my stars that Mani Ratnam isn’t directing the three-series Mahabharata, atleast in the recent future. And I hope he never does it. I would love to see if he makes Mahabharata in Tamil. However, we know tamil cinema’s market isn’t as big as bollywood.

Anyways on the Mani Ratnam-Aamir Khan-Bobby Bedi project, Mid Day reports

Aamir Khan will be again seen in a comic mould after a long time. Mani Sir is directing and scripting; it’s a special project, as it marks the coming together of Aamir and Mani Ratnam for the first time. Talking about the format, Bedi adds, “It’s completely different from whatever romantic comedies you have seen so far. A lot of changes and incorporations are being made, so I can’t really talk about the story.”

Mani Ratnam directing romantic comedy seems very exciting given Mani’s mood to make some serious cinema, these days. Above all that is Rahman joining the team, will be a question to be answered in the coming days.

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  1. Raj Avatar

    I hope aamir plays his age in this movie.


  2. F e r r a r i Avatar

    You made my day. And am sure Mani will rope in Rahman. Mani, Aamir and Rahman makes an interesting combo!


  3. Aravind Avatar

    It is nice to hear that Mani sir is making a movie after a long break. But I am a little disappointed that we need to wait that much longer to see him directing one in Tamil again. 😦


  4. Mani fan Avatar

    Disappointed!! to say the least.
    Aamir -Mani.Well all i can say is that Aamir is way too lucky.He definitely gets more than what he deserves-fame,an almost oscar(lagaan was good,but the marketing and teh resulting oscar nomination made it look great.),money(overly paid actor.Compare him to the greatest Indian actor Kamal u think he deserves this pay checque)and now MANI too..

    I hope mani makes a tamil movie.He understands its nuances all too well.Let him sell the rights of the movie to a hindi filmaker just like he did for alaipayuthey.
    I hope this news just floats away as rumours.


  5. tilo Avatar

    Didn’t Bobby Bedi make Maqbool?
    Have you seen it?


  6. silicon sillu Avatar
    silicon sillu

    its an all-time fun that inspite of almost no one knowing the brain behind lagaan, aamir is peing “projected” intellectual in the lines of kamal, and still that scenario existing!!!!

    “it is a secial film marking the come-together of mani and aamir”

    yeah its a great historic mark which has to be remebered for times

    poor kamal! lucky aamir!!

    degression, i feel kamal always kept speaking more and more, to media whcih unnessasarily over-exposed him, and its good now he remains dead silent. this builds the hope on his up-coming ventures


  7. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    I agree with Mani Fan – Roja was fortuitous in many ways, the guy who wrote the Iruvar review to which you linked, correctly identified Mani’s period as being very convenient to the making of many of his successful movies. Roja’s success went to his head and I don’t think he has recovered even today. I watched Ayidha Ezhuthu in Hindi (Yuva) – it was pathetic compared to the Tamil version. It’s very difficult when you are successful to imagine the success as being due to anything other than your own abilities. And it’s not some indian thing about Karma or neram etc – Check out the NY Times best seller “The Wisdom of the Crowds” – … oh, well the topic of this post is different … another day, eh ?



  8. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Aravind, Can we do anything except hope he does his next movie atleast in tamil 😦

    Tilo, I did hear about Maqbool but haven’t seen it. Is it really a good movie ?

    Mani Fan/Sillicon Sillu, I share your grudge on this. If you search for Marudhanayagam in this blog you would encounter a post or two which tells this openly/sarcastically.


  9. vijay Avatar

    Well Mani’s last 2 Tamil movies, however good they were, ended up being rejected by the Tamil audience. Cant blame him for switching loyalties for his next film. But I hope that it isnt just another romantic comedy, now that would be disappointing. But knowing Mani, I think it would be something special, like Dil chahta hai for example.


  10. maqbool-fan Avatar

    yes maqbool is a great movie – check it out – and review it – will be great to read ur review 🙂


  11. Praveen Avatar

    Mani to do a Hindi film!

    By Moviebuzz
    Sunday, 25 December , 2005, 19:30

    Mani Ratnam has been keeping a low profile throughout the year and hardly stirring out of his Alwarpet residence in Chennai. Now the big news is that he has signed Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai to do a Hindi film!
    Remember that Aishwarya Rai had made her screen debut with Mani sir’s Iruvar and Abhishek Bachchan had done Yuva with him. In fact Abhishek is said to have struck a great rapport with him and was one of the few invitees for his 50th birthday early this year.

    Mani is a big brand in Bollywood and he is not keen to do another Tamil film especially at a time when the industry is superstar driven. This new Hindi project will start sometime in January and is said to be “a matured love story” which would be shot in Mumbai to give it the Bollywood feel. A.R.Rahman will be providing music and will have technicians and supporting cast from Mumbai.

    Meanwhile Mani is also doing some spade work for Bobby Bedi’s ambitious mythology Mahabharatha.

    The views expressed in the article are the author’s and not of


  12. Maverick Avatar

    Bobby Bedi made Maqbool? You mean produced? I am not sure about the producer of that movie but it was directed by Vishal Bharadwaj. I haven’t seen Maqbool myself but heard it from one of my friends that it was a great movie and a superb adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ and Pankaj Kapur gave one of his finest performances.


  13. srikanth Avatar

    It is nice to hear that Mani sir is making a movie after a long break. But I am a little disappointed that we need to wait that much longer to see him directing one in Tamil again. 😦


  14. kumar Avatar

    Kamal Hassan is a good actor but aamir khan cant be underestimated at all. He is definitely one of the two most talented actors in over a decade especially in bollywood. Second being shahrukh. Dil chahta hai exhibited his talent for diverse roles. Kamal hassan has played wonderful roles over years. But if you see many of his films more than once, you can see that he has overacted a lot, sometimes very badly. But he is a tremondous actor no doubt in that. The bottomline is comparison between actors is baseless.


  15. sapien Avatar

    gud 2 kno dat Mani is makina movie, sad its not in tamil considerin d heavy lobby in bollywood. hope he is able to sell d product well cos dat was his problem in d past 2 flicks. nehow hav 2 say kamal is more talented than aamir though the latter is d best in current bollywood.


  16. Kaushik Prakash Avatar
    Kaushik Prakash

    Mani Sir and Aamir are both such serious film-makers…and by serious I mean that they both take their movies very seriously. Should be interesting to wait and watch what this duo churns out together. Mani Sir, according to me has the greatest comic sense. It goes without saying that A R Rehman will give his best once again for Mani Sir.


  17. Cocoa Avatar

    Abhishek and Ash rai got engaged the day before yesterday!!! And she didnt turn up for the ‘Lux’ ad shoot in Goa today!! Idu eppadi keedu?


  18. aditya Avatar

    Manis days are numbered. Yet another flop in the making. Poor Aamir, Poor Bedi.
    AR Rahman would do well, thats for sure


  19. Sathya Prakash Dhanabal Avatar

    Everything comes about Mani Ratnam in lazygeek is a rumour.


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