Simbhu apes Rajini…

saravana simbhu.jpg

In and As Saravana[Remember Saravanan Irukka Bhayamen in Chandramukhi].

15 responses to “Simbhu apes Rajini…”

  1. Ape can only ape. I am tired of all these Rajni wannabes. Let him be. Not one hero comes to mind who hasn’t tried to use him for commercial gain. Poor man. No wonder he doesn’t even like to go out.

    BTW, Jo and Simbu seem a mismatch in this film. Manmadhan was fine, but Simbu has lost weight for his other film(the one with Reema Sen) and looks like the new Dhanush. I wonder what they were thinking when they were casting.

    Feel sorry for the producer. Simbu, AGAIN, showed his head-weight by pushing him to the backside.



  2. Thotti Jaya was the first Simbu movie that I convinced myself to sit and watch through the whole thing – I was not disappointed 🙂

    this guy can act… I just hope he doesn’t flush it all down the toilet with this next movie…

    I have Manmadhan on original VCD that I have yet to watch but I have heard good things about… maybe I’ll watch it someday soon.


  3. Yennadhan train fasta ponalum…kadaisi petti kadasilathan varum – How is it….? Doesnt this match for simbu


  4. when saw Simbu in Thoti Jaya, i was reminded of his DAD’s youngage.
    I did like him even from his first movie (dunno y)
    he acts too much and thinks abt himself also 222222 much.
    J0 and Simbu ayoooooooooooo, pls god someone save Jo
    this guy is goin and doin twoooooooo much