IIT Saarang 2006

IIT Madras’ Saarang 2006 is happening from 24th to 29th January 2006. The dates were just announced and Airtel seems to be the main sponsor of the whole program. Donno what’s up with Hutch this time.

This year’s pro-shows aren’t announced yet. Sulekha sponsored a Saarang Blogathon for the last 2 years. Probably this time too, given that Kiruba is now in Sulekha. But the Saarang has a blog, Saarang Talk[Via Sudhish] written by Amrut. Per the blog, Amrut says that the blog would be a bridge between the Saarang and it’s audience.

Anyway, this is just a ramble post as I would be missing the Saarang this year. Saarang has it’s own spirit that ranges from being geeky to cheeky. Even if you are fast approaching your big 30s, you are sure to get charged up with the first encounter of the slogan, Live a Saarang !!.

2 responses to “IIT Saarang 2006”

  1. zzzzz Avatar

    deinnngggaaa…..saarang tholai indha blogs le thaangamudilaiappa…..


  2. zombie Avatar

    kosu tholla thaaanga mudialapaa … zzzzzz ….


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