IBN Live – The media goes to blogs

I had no clue until Dilip Radhakrishnan pointed out that IBN Live was linking here to the review of King Kong. I’ve been hearing about IBN Live only for the last two days.

IBN Live is apparently a news channel from TV18 and CNN. Rajdeep Sardesai, The Big Fight guy from NDTV is leading this effort. From their site, IBN seems to be a pro-blog channel as they are calling for Citizen Journalists and an exclusive blog microsite from the journalists. Nice to know, the TV media is going the blog way.

2 responses to “IBN Live – The media goes to blogs”

  1. Lazy,

    It seems the admiration you have for google is reciprocal 🙂

    I searched ‘King Kong hyderabad’ just to check where the movie is playing in the city, and see what google returns me as the first site, And this is not the first time this happening, It have happened with many other unrelated search terms too.

    Anyway, Long live the screct love affair, Or is it just a mutual admiration…? 😉

    Seriously, This is something you more than deserve, happy blogging….!

    -Shankar Pratap