Spielberg’s Munich, A Prayer for Peace

The recent interview of Steven Spielberg[via Ajay] with Time’s Richard Schickel, is an interesting look into Spielberg’s mind as a director. Not only Spielberg talks from his heart, he also effectively conveys his steadfast approach towards doing the film he wants to and how he escapes without succumbing to the pressures of success.

When I don’t have a movie, I don’t take a job just for the sake of working. I just sit it out until I find something I’m passionate about. If I find something light, I’ll make it. Like Terminal. It wasn’t a film that I’ll be remembered for, but it’s a film I’ll remember for the rest of my life, a sweet short story that gave me a chance to work with Tom Hanks–and people think I’m crazy for saying this–giving what I think was his best performance. Some people have said, “Why did you make that little movie when you could have been doing something important?” And I said, “Well, at the time it was important.” And if I find something dark and historical–like this Doris Kearns Goodwin book [Team of Rivals, about Abraham Lincoln] I’m working on now–I’ll do that. It’s just how things work out. It’s all about timing.

Richard also writes in-depth about Spielberg’s yet-to-be released, Munich, a film on the killing of Israeli atheletes during 1972 Olympics.

Meanwhile, 2 people from Redmond are named as the Persons of the Year 2005. Bill Gates & Melinda Gates are the duo. Also named as Person of the Year is U2’s Bono.

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  1. Was expecting a ‘Happy bday dude’ post on Spielberg yesterday. Did you miss it or is it just a co-incidence that you have a post on him the next day?

    Anyways, Terminal remains one of the movies that I have best enjoyed – particularly for Tom Hanks’ acting.