Dhanush in Pudhupettai

Domaru…Dapsaa…Dhommai….Kumaaru..Kokki Kumaaru !!

Hey Padicha Naaye Kitta Varathey
Enga Area Ulla Varaathey !!

A/C Potta Bathroomil Enna Varum Ponga
Thandavaalam Kitta Othunguvom Naanga
Nethu Vecha Meenkozhambu Kaathula Pesum
Malli Poovum Inga Pootha Meen Vaasam Veesum !!

20 responses to “Dhanush in Pudhupettai”

  1. I happened to listen to Pudhupettai too.

    I liked it a lot – especially because the music seems to be a narrative device. Glad to know that 🙂 …and no, I was forced into listening as it was someone else’s car 😛


  2. Oru naal povar,Oru Naal varuvar

    Oru naal povar oru naal varuvar,Ovvovoru naalum thuyaram

    Enga Area Ulla Varadhe!!!!


  3. wow,new dimension to tamil music being witnessed right here. I might be shifting from ARR to YSR if this trend keeps up 😛


  4. im completely dissapointed

    yes its good music, groundbreaking

    but he lifted soo much from other songs not only his songs but english songs etc



  5. Did you know you can hear Rahman’s songs for the film ‘Water’ on Raaga.com? Just search for Water under movie index and Bob’s your uncle. Seems to have crept in quietly under the radar-although the CD itself has not been formally released.
    The songs themselves, with a (semi) classical flavour, are BREATHTAKING. Listen NOW!


  6. Hi Guru,
    havnt yet listened to Pudhupettai.. but ever since i heard the originals (Inspirations??) of Kadhal kondain songs and 7G, have lost respect on YSR…. i accept most music composers get inspirations but didnt expect YSR to copy full tunes for his compositions…………


  7. ‘Enga Area Ulla Varaadhe’ definitely reminds of ‘Who Let the Dogs out’. But it still was good to listen with those lyrics.


  8. This album is a complete experimentation, although some sound highly inspired/lifted, few of them are very good (esp the one sang by Kamal Hasaan). Detailed review on my blog..


  9. Reading what has been written , I feel forced to write down a few of my thoughts too …

    YSR and ARR are miles apart … From ” Nenjode ” in Kadhal Kondaen ( Copy of the Corrs’ “runway” ) to the shameless pinching of the raaga.com ‘s CITIBANK RUPEE ACCOUNT advertisement BGM in Pudhupettai, he has shown a sense of developed camouflage which is much better than what Vidhyasagar does. Vidhyasagar just blindly rips the song off as we have seen so many times ( For Example , the Dream sequence song in “Ponniyin Selvan” and the most recent one being “Lealakku Lealakku” in Vijay’s Aathi which by the way is a shameless rehash of Jay Sean’s or Raghav’s some crappy song.)

    The wannabe “rapper” in all of YSR’s compositions is such a pathetic fellow who just knows a few words in english which he keeps jumbling about from song to song. Some of you might have even noticed him using phrases from 50 cent like “I have my magic stick , I’m the love doctor !”

    what I don’t understand is that , What do these music directors think that we don’t know where they get these sngs from ? YSR hasn’t done a single ‘hop hop’ based song in Tail so far that is original , even his emo based tunes are all borrowed , the only thing somewhere near original are his dhapankuthu ghanas.

    I think these people think that the general public of TamilNadu are a bunch of naive ignorant fools when it comes to the international music scene. Its such a pity that they do such shameful things and think that no one would notice , now who’s being ignorant ?

    ARR has also had his fair share of foulplay in a few of his songs like the prelude of “Telephone Mannipol” was copied from the interlude in Ace of Base’s “All that she wants” … the Tung tung! tung tung tadung tung ! part … and all of us knows how he borrows hevaily from arabian and african music but that doesn’t mean he shamelessly ripps offa’ already existing compositions,

    YSR is yet another in the never ending list of wannabes in our nation, siding up next to simbu and the likes … shame on the lot of them – what else can one say !

    P.S. – did anyone notice that in the movie “Lord of War” starring Nicolas Cage , the scene in which the entire plane gets ripped off in the middle of an african desert, the BGM is ARR theme music for Bombay !!!

    See he’s definitley making a mrak , but I’m not sure whether they used his music with his consent.



  10. Woh!!

    there a huge lot of errors in my previous post , I’m really sorry about all of ’em …

    Lot of work to do , that’s why … Will take the time and reply better next time …

    gotta go …


  11. Definitely a neat album with much experimentation. Nobody can stop pudupettai music to become top of charts


  12. YSR done a good and neat job. Hopefully this will make a lot in the, not only in the Tamil all over the south India, music market.