Marghazhi – Ven Pongal !!

These are a series of ramblings on Marghazhi month. May not be all that interesting as these are personal posts. Just wanted to register interesting and funny stuff about childhood in chennai. These were one of the prime intentions when starting the blog. Along the way, I drifted elsewhere and now I’m trying hard to get back the original groove.

Let’s start from Ven Pongal. During the month of Marghazhi[15th Dec – 14th Jan], when you rush to a perumaal koil in the wee hours of morning, you get two things. Apart from sighting aathi pinnal girls, you get handful of suda suda ven pongal and spirituality to the heart’s content. Perumal Koil pongal is much better than Ghee Pongal[Rs.13.95] in Saravana Bhavan. But those days when I went to the seenivaasa perumal koil along with my mom at 5:30 in the morning, I knew nothing about Saravana Bhanvan or Naachiyaar Thirumozhi. All I knew was that my mom, quietly made a big kolam and went to koil in the early morning of marghazhi month. When she came back, I was still brushing my teeth, thinking about the boring social studies homework given, the previous day. She came back with a dhonnai full of steaming hot ven pongal. So after brushing my teeth, I got to eat the pongal even before my coffee. There was something special about the pongal and hence decided to hitchhike my mom during her kaarthala koil trips.

I landed in perumaal koil, after bath, sharp by 5:40 am. Along the way to the temple, women keptdrawing, what is called as Theruvadaichaan, a maavu kolam that spread the breath of their respective lanes. In the koil, they recited a sloka and mom would recite alongwith them. With atleast 50 people, reciting the same sloka(I thought) at the same time, I had goose bumps for no reason. After sevichu’fying perumaal and thaayaar, a queue(?!) gets formed for the highlight. As you proceed along the queue, one maama stuffs a dhonnai in the hand. The other bhattachari, has a huge karandi in his hand. He scoops a mountain of the ven pongal from the andaa and filled the donnai. I always get this itching feeling that the bhatachari gave me less pongal than whoever stood before me. Anyway, the minute I get my donnai filled with ven pongal, I would go to the main pragaaram of the temple and eat pongal to my heart’s content. My mom gets her share also to me. Now that I’m done with both the donnais of pongal, I head back home and sleep again by 6:15 am.

Till this day, Marghazhi reminds me of Ven Pongal even before Thiruppavai. Thiruppavai ?

5 responses to “Marghazhi – Ven Pongal !!”

  1. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Suda suda venpongal !! The beauty is we will eat those pongals without any extra effects like chutney sambhar.

    ellam parumal maghimai !!

    BTW, Ghee pongal in Saravana Bhavan is half the Dhonnai.. Aniyaayam !!


  2. thennavan Avatar

    Guru, a post on Thiruppaavai coming soon to a blog near you 🙂 (you know the occasion is around the corner, right?) 🙂


  3. Narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    Intha nerathula pongal pathi nyabagam paduthuteengale.hmm, my mouth started watering…

    Enna LG Autographa.. Kalakunga.

    //I always get this itching feeling that the bhatachari gave me less pongal than whoever stood before me.//

    The same feeling I get everytime in all the places where they give food.

    “Why blood, same blood!!”


  4. Lakshmi Avatar


    It remainded me of those nice childhood days….We used to go to the temple only for getting pongal:)
    Anyway nice blogging…


  5. tilo Avatar

    Never been to a temple where they give Pongal prasadam.


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